DISSONANCE: Cabanding says he likes the ‘conflict’ of fine art and grotty streets

A MALAGA artist is proving just how beautiful street art can be with his jaw-dropping replicas of some of the world’s most iconic works.

Julio Anaya Cabanding, 23, recreates the works of maestros like Vermeer, Rembrandt and Lucian Freud – complete with trompe l’oeil gilded frames –  in derelict and neglected spaces.

The former Malaga University of Fine Arts student, who began drawing from the age of six, replicates classic paintings with incredible accuracy, complete with painted frames.

ICONIC: Cabanding uses acrylic paints he mixes himself

“I like the idea of ‘stealing’ a painting and putting it in another place, a desolate place that you never relate to it because it does not belong to that world,” the artist told YNG.

“I like to create that conflict. I usually visit these places with a friend who paints graffiti. I am a studio artist and I do not know many places; it was my friend who one day said to me: ‘Hey, let’s paint the street.’ And I said, ‘Ok!’”

His works, now plastered across Andalucia and Europe, are created with acrylic paint that he mixes himself to make sure his replica is as faithful to the original as possible.

OFF-PISTE: Cabanding says his ‘studio’ is ‘the street’

He added: “Until recently I had a studio at the university, but I do not need it anymore; my studio is now the street, it is the place I paint at that moment.”

To find out more about his street paintings and upcoming exhibits visit julioanayacabanding.com.

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