I HAVE much to be grateful for this holiday season, not least of which the fact that the horror stories of last year’s torrential rain have not materialized… yet.

The recent wave of warmer temperatures accompanied by sunshine has enabled me to enjoy the great outdoor recreational activities provided by Cordoba’s natural wonders.

Walking is my outdoor pastime of choice – I’m neither a runner nor a biker and roller blades have challenged me since adolescence – and Córdoba has excellent walking opportunities aplenty.

The main trail for walking, biking, etc., is the Vía Verde, but there are any number of country roads which provide equally beautiful scenery with more curves and hills.

On my most recent ‘hiking’ trip, I was followed by a stray dog through a part of rural Córdoba I´d never seen before.

My initial goal was to trek up a small hill to get a closer look at what I presumed to be a chapel. An earlier attempt was foiled by lack of trails leading up and this one was no different.

Instead, I ended up wandering down a country road with my new friend through kilometers of magnificent olive groves and incredible views of foothills and farms.

Having walked the Vía Verde in both directions numerous times, this was a lovely change and a welcome chance to see up close Andalucia’s heart and soul – the olive grove.

With any luck, this sunny weather will continue and I can keep exploring until the heat arrives next summer.

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  1. When the heat does arrive spread your wings, there’s no need to stop walking if you head for the hills. Fresh air and good hiking temperatures are available all year In Andalucia on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.

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