1 Jan, 2011 @ 10:58
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Spanish adoption delight for English couple

A BRITISH couple had the perfect Christmas present when the Spanish authorities overruled a forced adoption order in the UK.

Valencia social services decided to give the couple’s 10-month-old baby Daniel back, despite Suffolk council insisting they were psychologically ‘unfit’.

The East Anglian couple, whose names have been withheld for legal reasons, fled to Spain in February after their other child, Poppy, now two, was seized by social workers and put up for adoption.

Daniel was still being breast fed in hospital when Spanish authorities, acting on a tip-off from Suffolk, took him away.

The father told the Daily Mail in the UK: “To find our son had gone was cruelty beyond belief.

“My wife couldn’t bear to have another child snatched from her ever again. So she decided to be sterilized there and then.”

It emerges that English social workers were acting on unproven allegations about the mother’s mental health made by her ex-husband.

But after conducting numerous psychological tests, Spain’s social services deemed the couple were perfectly fit to be parents.

“The Spanish social services say we meet all their criteria for being good parents and we’re delighted.”

The decision has spurred the couple to try and get their daughter Poppy back. She is currently being looked after by foster parents, who want to adopt her.

The couple are now taking their case to the European Court of Human Rights to get her back.

The return of Daniel is a break-through for scores of British families who have fled t Spain to escape the clutches of the UK social services.


  1. most people can’t afford to flee the uk ss. i’ve been married for 11 years and my 2 children aged 8 and 2 have been taken by the uk ss without consent. the reason for this, my wife has a mild learning disability. the ss now want to have our children adopted.
    we were in the previous social workers statement “doing everything right”, then a new social worker took over the case, the first thing she did was take away the support we had in place, then blackmailed my wife into leaving the home by threatening to make our children dissapear if she refused to leave. then 3 weeks later i was ill and asked the school if someone could walk my daughter to school as i was unable to. the schools parent support worker had her coat on and was about to come out to help when she was instructed not to help, i managed to get my daughter to school about an hour late.
    then while in a playgroup with my youngest, i was told to leave by a social worker and she said my children had to stay with my parents and they will be returned after i have a mental health assessment and a parenting assessment.
    the mental health assessment was ok, they put on their report “no evidence of risk” and i have been turned down for 2 parenting assessments. it is now 1 year on, i am still with my wife, she is back home. and the final hearing for my family is on 31st may – 3rd june 2011 at burton on trent magistrates family kangaroo court

  2. Hello out there. If i dont air this soon i will explode. Forced adoption is cruel so very cruel and having done 10 years with only 1 1/2 hour visit twice ayear for my twins two years ago my daughter didnt attend which was unusual but i was told it was doing something else that day i think and though worrying and painfull i saw my son. we are now almost into the second year of this and i feel like i just cant take any more pain and anxst. i was told by one of the adopters that my daughter just ‘didnt want to see family any more’ and that was that. No clear reason was given though i did tentatively ask a few questions which flagged up the fact that my daughter was not eating properly. I havent eaten properly since then and though i normally i always pull one out of the hat at last minute my emotional threshold runneth over after a long coming feud in my immediate family has hit crisis point this very week i am due to see my son. I am basically desparate to see my daughter, both twins 14 yrs, and need some guidance from anyone who knows how ! many thanx

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