A HUGE consignment of cocaine hidden inside plastic bananas has been seized by Spanish police.

A total of 162 kilos of the drug was found in a 20-tonne shipment of fruit arriving in Algeciras from Ecuador.

“The imitations with the drugs, which were very similar to real bananas, were hidden amongst a shipment of real fruit,” revealed a statement by the interior ministry.

Following the operation four people have been arrested, and police believe one of them is the leader of the ring responsible for maintaining contacts with the Colombian drug cartels that supplied the narcotics.

“These contacts led him to travel to the interior of the Colombian jungle to personally supervise the shipment of the cocaine and inspect its quality,” the statement added.

The operation has also been tied to the arrests made at the start of 2010 of cocaine traffickers based in Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella.


  1. Well I knew bananas were ment to give you energy but thats taking things a bit far, Will the Authorities ever get on top of the amount of drugs that are flooding into Europe?
    I think it would be better if all drugs were made legal and controlled through Health authorties as much as possible, This would save a fortune in the long run.

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