18 Jan, 2011 @ 11:04
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Dolores Vázquez in new battle for compensation

THE woman wrongly convicted of the murder of Mijas teenager Rocío Wanninkof is battling against the state over compensation.

Dolores Vázquez, is claiming four million euros for the time she spent in jail after being wrongfully convicted in 2001.

She was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for the teenager’s murder, and served 17 months before the Andalucía High Court ordered a second trial and quashed the conviction.

The British man, Tony King, was later arrested and confessed to the killings of Rocio Wanninkhof and Sonia Carabantes.

And Vázquez had her criminal record for the case erased in 2009.

But while the Interior Ministry had initially proposed damages of 120,000 euros, in a later ruling the General Council for Judicial Power and Interior Ministry unanimously agreed there had been no miscarriage of justice and ruled out any compensation.

Vazquez has now brought a suit against the state and it is up to Spain’s National Court to decide whether she should indeed be paid damages.

Wendy Williams

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  1. You simply could’nt make this up – that this woman suffered an appalling miscarriage of justice is self evident but remember the Spanish can never be wrong.

    She will have to go through the European Court and wait years and years for compensation but that in reality will be her only avenue.

    The quicker that northern Europe and Scandinavia jettison the corrupt south the better, that is the only way that eventually the decent folk of southern Europe will ever see anything resembling an honest society.

  2. I know this is a miscarriage of “justice” Stuart but are you trying to say that Northern Europe is whiter than white. Most of the scams and crime down here are hatched by northern or eastern europeans, and as for corruption in northern europe. Corruption is rife everywhere you look especially in the halls of power and justice..!!

  3. Steve,
    nowhere do imply any such thing.As for the scams, again you are quite wrong, see the drug bust of corrupt Spanish police and lawyers reported right here in the Olive Press.

    None of these scams could not have happened without a totally corrupt political system from Right to Left. Totally corrupt local and regional government.

    Tell me where in northern Europe is there anything like the wholesale and long term Marbella scam – you can’t because it would never be allowed to happen in the firts place. Try building just one illegal house anywhere in northern Europe – the police would visit and be making arrests on day 2.

  4. I see where your coming from with Spanish police caught up in drugs and the property scams with local town halls etc, but I just think it is more transparent and on a smaller scale here, where as in northern europe it is covered up and probaly on a much bigger scale. Look at the story this week from the Swiss banker releasing news on tax evaders to wikileaks. Anyway this is going away from the above story which I think is deplorable and Dolores Vázquez should get compensation for spending 17 months locked up after being wrongly accused. Like you say it will probaly have to go all the way to the court of human rights before she gets any compensation…and that will cost the authorities a fortune for lawyers in a case they know they won’t win when it could be put to use on more urgent things.

  5. Steve,
    why is it that 80% yes 80% of all €500 Euro notes are in Spain and I wonder how many of those Swiss accounts are owned by Spaniards.

    Ever tried to offer a cheque for payment in Spain – they make the sign of the cross and run away. Ever asked for a receipt – they do not hear you. I had 2 cataract ops done in Spain – great value at €1000 each but my surgeon refused point blank to give me any receipts.

    Here in France most suppliers of services refuse to take cash and I’m talking €6-700 Euros for fuel oil. Every month we get an email receipt for rent paid.

    How many illegaly built house do you think get built in the UK/France/Germany etc – zero. Ask any Italian or Portuguese about corruption in their countries as well – make sure you’ve got plenty of time to spare to hear the copious answers.

    This woman is only the tip of the iceberg. I came face to face personally with the corrupt system of law (LOL) in both Galicia and Andalucia and I could introduce you to more than a few Spanish people who would stun you with their stories.

  6. Guys – with all respect, you both miss the target.
    The legal issue of this article is if/how so Ms Vazquez should be compensated because of possible “damages” to her caused by the Spanish Courts. From past articles during her trial – she was “convicted” & imprisoned on very circumstantial evidence… hence her later acquittal/release
    My forecast – she’ll sue and win for a substantial sum, Spain won’t pay since they “don’t have the money”… with advice she’ll then sue in the EC of Justice & win BIG.
    This person has been racked over the coals, unjustly and her public image destroyed.
    Would not have happened if she was a “Somebody”

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