IT’S been a cold month in my apartment. December was also a cold month, so at some point after the New Year we decided to try the ancient-looking heater attached to the wall.

January was a wonderfully warm stretch in the piso with that big, old heater running for hours at a time every day keeping the main room toasty warm. We relished every moment.

Then we found out the hard way that nothing lasts forever.

Our electricity bill came the first week of February and we saw why space heaters and braseros are so common here – the bill was nearly ten times the amount of any month prior.

The second we received the bill we unplugged the archaic appliance and haven’t looked back.

Our space heater has returned to its previous place of honor, but we use it sparingly.

My roommate’s mom sent us fleece blankets that we have used and our sweatshirts and sweaters are starting to show some wear and tear.

The lack of insulation in Spanish homes makes no sense to me. Maybe come summer I will understand and appreciate the concrete structures, but I doubt it.

Living on the third and top floor of our building, we’ve been told summer will be equally unbearable but to the opposite extreme.

I look forward to finding out for which season these cement buildings are truly meant.

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