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Party islands turn white as largest snowfall in five years hits Mallorca, Ibiza

Mallorca has been hit by its largest dumping of snow in more than five years as a freezing polar front sweeps over Spain.  About 7cm...

Malaga wracked by cold and flu invasion as Spain prepares to celebrate the New Year

Colds and the flu are spreading like wildfire through Malaga as the citizens prepare to welcome in the new year. Primary healthcare and emergency care...

Four days of rains forecast as Spain’s Malaga gears up for cold, wet weekend

THE arrival of December will be accompanied by rainfall in almost the entire province of Malaga. According to a five-day forecast issued by the Spain’s...

READERS’ TIPS: How do you keep warm during winter in Spain?

When Olive Press intern Tallulah Taylor arrived on the Costa del Sol in December she discovered she was entirely unprepared for winter in a house better designed to keep out the summer heat.

COVID-19 vs. FLU: Main differences as explained by Spanish experts

With the flu season looming and COVID-19 still spreading, Spanish experts highlight the main differences between both viruses.

WINTER IS COMING: So you better wrap up or face the cold

It even snowed on the beach in Barcelona and I’m surprised that Carles Puigdemont didn’t blame that as some sort of underhand tactic by Madrid, ‘freezing out’ an independent Catalunya.

Arctic cold front and intense rainfall coming to Malaga this week with lows of 2C

AN arctic cold front and intense rainfall will arrive in Malaga province this week. According to weather agency AEMET, weak and scattered rains will fall...

Bad weather returns as heavy rain forecast for Costa del Sol

The bad weather will last all weekend

Big freeze to hit Andalucia this week

Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) has predicted daytime temperatures as low as -4 in during the big freeze, which is set to takeover the region from Wednesday until the weekend

Cold weather and ‘polar air front’ set to descend on Spain this weekend

Summer finally over as polar air front heads to Spain sending temperatures sharply downwards

Winter ‘cruel’ allowance

Plans to cut expat pensioners' winter fuel allowance are outrageous

Knock that cold into touch in Spain

Continuing our series on the herbs of Andalucia, Sue Rodgers looks at herbal antibiotics

Cold? Grab a sweater!

We found out the hard way that nothing lasts forever

Soldiering on in Sevilla

Feeling the wintery cold in the city famous for its scorching summers

Exercise to ward off colds

...And being married and male also helps

Feeling the cold in Cordoba

Scarves, jackets, and many, many layers are the best way to prevent the change-of-the-season cold





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