EXPATS make up nearly a third of the population in Marbella.

But shockingly they only account for six per cent of the votes.

Of the 21,612 foreign residents eligible to vote in Marbella, only 5,419 have registered to do so in the upcoming elections.

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  1. Those who don’t vote, and unfortunately those who do, because of the others’ apathy, will wind up with an administration that knows it can totally ignore their interests and concerns. No vote,no voice! Not smart at all.

  2. and….as most foreigners do not register with the town hall… they are not Empadronados….! hence no voting rights… Reason..why they do not register? do not know about it..? don’t care..? ignorance..? or simply do not want to be registered as being a resident..! So apathy it is not….and as Fred says… would make little difference…!

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