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Missing Amy Fitzpatrick: Was she living rough?

By Wendy Williams

SHOCKING new police files have emerged allegedly confirming the troubled life of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick.

A series of witness statements purport to show the 15-year-old, who vanished on New Years Day 2008, was a wild child living a lifestyle spiralling out of control.

And in disturbing extracts from her diary, first published in Ireland’s Sunday World, the teenager emerges as a sad and lonely girl who missed her home in Ireland and had to forage for food in bins.

In one of the most distressing entries, released by her aunt Christine Kenny, Amy actually draws herself living in a cardboard box with an arrow pointing to bins where she gets her food.

She writes: “I smell of dog s**t and I haven’t had a shower in 2 years and I moved into my new house 2 day (sic) and it’s quite small and it’s not been painted.

“I am hoping to paint my cardboard box soon.”

The latest evidence – which suggests she could have been living rough – backs the claims reported by the Olive Press in 2009.

Sources then told the paper that she occasionally slept in fields and sometimes seemed hungry. She often didn’t attend school.

However her mother – and close friend Kim Simpson – slammed the new reports as wildly inaccurate, insisting that Amy was a normal teenager and never went without food.

Her mother Audrey, who is about to release a book on the case, described the claims by Christine as ‘a kick in the teeth’.

She said: “This woman says now that she will never give up her search for Amy.

“But where was she before my daughter vanished? The last contact she had with Amy was three years before she vanished.”

She added: “Teenagers will always be teenagers and there were times Amy walked out after a row and stayed with friends.”

Her friend Kim added: “I think this thing about foraging in bins is bullshit.

“Amy never went without. She may have stayed away from home a lot out of choice but she was always welcome there and there was always food for her.”

But Amy’s aunt and father Christopher Fitzpatrick, who live in Dublin, insist they can back up the claims with evidence.

And their claims are supported by a crucial letter – which the Olive Press has read – in which a mother of one of Amy’s friend’s pleaded to the Irish authorities to take her into care for her own safety.

Last night Christine Kenny, told the Olive Press: “It doesn’t matter when I last saw Amy, whether it was three years ago or six.

“She is my blood relative and I won’t rest easy until I find the truth.”

She added: “It is all coming out about her lifestyle, and the truth has to be told. I am sure the secret to her disappearance lies in the life she was leading.”

Christine meanwhile picked up some clothes Amy had left at the house of close friend Ashley Rose on the day she disappeared.

She had been staying at the house since Christmas Eve.

“She had to borrow clothes off Ashley as hers were in bits and her shoes were falling apart,” claimed Christine. “It just shows how she was living.”

Interestingly, the latest police reports reveal that three witnesses have come forward alleging they saw Amy with a mystery blonde in the Trafalgar Bar, in Calahonda’s El Zoco centre hours after her previous last reported sighting.

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Wendy Williams

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  2. its very disturbing to read what this child has gone through, drawings of cardboard boxes and having to get food from bins. in the above article “kim” says how amy stayed away from home a lot through choice,this is a teenage girl we’re talking about, why did her mother not have more disipline on her child, if this child was having problems why was’nt her mother there for her. it’s obvious that amys aunt and dad have proof of the life that amy had, they have proof of a letter that was sent pleading to take amy into care and also the proof of her diary. it takes amys dad and aunt to find out this disturbing evidence, the police seem to have given up on this case, well done to amys dad and aunt for they’re hard work and determination !!!

  3. Someone out there knows exactly what happened to poor Amy how they can sleep at night is beyond comprehension! What Amys father and aunt are doing is what any concerned family member would do they have my backing 100% as the truth needs to be told and her family in Ireland need closure. Someone out there has a very tough heart to allow any family to go through this and not say anything. It’s amazing when you see how her mother and step father dress and you see what this poor child had to wear!

  4. This kid used to walk past my window daily always looked scruffy and uncared for , didnt attend school and appeared to be homeless, it wasnt till she went missing that my husband and i realised she was the daughter of the woman who spent her days on a bar stool at tricky rickys ….
    I heard her son aslo spent a lot of time at other peoples houses, did the police ever bother to investigate the home…. too late now i suppose ,she sold up last summer,

  5. I have been following this case and Cant believe poor Amy was living a life like this. I certaintly wouldn’t be wasting my time writing a book. I would be putting all my effort into questioning people to find what happened to my daughter. Why wasn’t her mother taking care of her. I smell a rat here!

  6. I agree Louie Lou and with all the above comments, why was a teenager who has a mother and step father nicely dressed had rags for clothes. I have a teenager daughter who has a very happy home life and doesn’t spend all her time away from home. Parents should be there to kind children whatever age. Have the police questioned the family in spain enough I wonder?

  7. hey shirley you sure about the move ….. it was widly reported that she moved house in january not last summer…
    I hope the police do investigate further something is not quite right here ….

  8. Hi Sarah, I followed this case from the start as I to am the mother of a teenage girl , everything about this case is wrong in some form or another, the way the child lived , the way she stayed away from home and yes now the book…. due for publication soon according to the t.v in ireland
    The truth in this case is still waiting to be told .

    Perhaps the olive press could print the letter they have mentioned in previous articles it could shed light on the situation.

  9. Hi,
    As in most of these cases I think the Spanish police would need to take a closer look at Amy’s home life. More often then not these cases always seem to stem from problems at home. I’m not pointing fingers but, how many times have we seen weeping parents turn out to be behind crimes like this??

  10. its disgraceful to think a mother could neglet her child like that,it does’nt even bear thinking of the life poor amy had led, living in cardboard boxes and going through bins looking for food while her mother was dressed up to the nines and seen on numerous occasions in “tricky rickys” i agree with all the above comments,plus everyone seems to be smelling a rat in this case, please god for amys dad and aunts sake they get answers

  11. Connie , Im sure she is getting paid to write the book ….or at least give info to a ghost writer …. .


  12. @ louielou, i agree,

    olive press publish the letter that was sent to authorities……………

    another thing, if my memory serves me right, the private investigator hired by amys dad and aunt was told to back off the case, i do wonder why he would be told that, the plot thickens in spain …..

  13. something about this is very fishy ,as a mother of three boys i just cant understand how this young child was allowed to stay out days on end whenever she felt like it,it just seems like she was a nuisence to her mother so it was a case of out of sight out of mind …most teenagers are a hanfull at the best of times but the need rules and boundaries not the cold shoulder.my god how did her mother sleep at night not knowing where she was ? im shocked to say the least !

  14. Amys aunt and father and all of her irish family our doing a fantastic job looking for amy regardless of how long it was since they last spoke! If audrey had let amy return to ireland as she wanted then she would be safe and well now, instead they kept her in spain with very little love and obviously very little care, they have therefore caused amys family in ireland to be without a special girl! How could they let amy live this life if they weren’t interested in her well being why not let her return to ireland? A lot needs investigating further and as for audreys book a nice little way to make money on the back of your daughters disappearance bet the neglect and stuff doesn’t get mentioned playing the victim of such a tragic loss but the fact is if you had done a proper job in the first place and cared for your daughter she would still be here and no book would be written!! Hope your search brings more to light and justice is done for amy, my love to her family in ireland always in my thoughts xx

  15. i just saw the above article about amy fitzpatrick, that poor girl must have led a dreadful life, reading the above comments i have to agree with all, what sort of mother would treat her child like that,the above article has made my stomach sick the only people that are interested in finding amy are her dad and aunt

  16. listen to maurice boland today… for a live interview with amys family from ireland … I understand part of the letter sent to the authorites will be read out .

  17. theres something very fishy with amys disapperance,please god the mystery will be solved. it seems amy was in her mums way, her mum seemed to enjoy her social life more than looking after her 2 children that she uprooted from ireland

  18. I wonder why the son was sent home soon after amy went missing,there is something not right about this,you lose one child and you send the other child back to ireland to stay with his father how strange is that, i hope and pray someone will come out with truth,how can anyone live with this on there minds how do they sleep ay night, and how come everything is about money with the mother and boyfriend,money would be the last thing on my mind,people must understand this is a little child we are talking about and this child needs to be found i no the truth will come soon,but it is not soon enough .

  19. audrey fitzpatrick and her boyfriend today on maurice bolands heart radio show finally sunk to a new low, insulting Amys family from Ireland whos conduct throughout this difficult time has been exemplary… please remember that amys biological father wasnt even informed officially that his daughter was missing , remember that amys auntie christine has worked tirelessly to find the truth about her niece . To insult and decry the memory of christines son who died of an anurism (the autopsy proves this)proves how dirty rats fight when cornered.

  20. Im absolutely appalled at how a “broken hearted” mother who’s child is missing behave in such a way how the hell cld any mother go on live radio and run down ANY person who is doing everything to help find her child!!!!! May god forgive her for implying that Amys cousin death wasn’t natural circumstances and one more thing why on a social website is she more concerned about advertising her partners property???? Why isn’t the Spanish police not delving more into her and Daves activities????!

  21. louielou
    MAY 28TH, 2011 11:11 AM
    amys family in ireland dont have any objections at this stage to the letter sent to the authorities in ireland and spain been published .
    how do you know this??? are you connected with the family?

  22. @Poppy whether LouieLou is connected with d family or not is of no significance this poor child has to be found and her story needs to be told if she was a member of my family i would go to the end of the earth to find her! Poppy the truth WILL come out and for those telling lies remember a liar needs an excellent memory!

  23. I dont know who all you people are that are posting these comments and I dont know any of the families involved in this case but all I can say is Amy will be disgusted if she is found and sees all these things written about her. If she has run away I wouldnt blame her having nothing to do with either family. If this is the way they treat each other i could only imagine what would happen if she were found either dead or alive. I didnt hear any interviews so I dont know what was said by anyone but from what I can see both families are only interested in scoring brownie points off each other instead of actually looking for this girl. Both families should be ashamed of themselves with having things like this posted on the internet. Amy is a human being and should be treated with some respect but posting things like she was eating out of bins, sleeping in fields etc wouldnt give her any reason to want to come home. She is probably so ashamed of what is being posted about her she is in hiding somewhere and hoping she is never found. To the two families grow up and concentrate on what is important here. AMY!!!!!

  24. Gillian … how dare you dream of insulting Amys fathers family , I can personally assure you that Amy family in Ireland have spent fortunes on private detectives and done everything in their power to find this child . They have worked ceaslessly and suffered not only her loss but slander and insults and threats as well as repeated requests for money from people (i use this term loosley – who claim to know who has kidnapped her , murdered her etc .
    obviously you failed to read any article correctly as my understanding is the family published amys own words which certainly do not shame the child only her carer or supposed carer.

  25. Agree with most of the above posts – this is a very strange story. But the strangest thing I think is that Amy, who it was reported had loads of social network accounts etc., would have left her mobile phone (reportedly under a pile of clothes) on her bed before going away for the “few” days over New Year’s? Don’t know any teenager whose mobile phone isn’t an extension of their hand these days! Certainly to be without it for a few days would be an impossibility for them…! Why she didn’t go home for it when she realised she’d forgotten it is very odd?

  26. To Louielou
    Thanks I’ve been following this story from the start + something is not right. I particularly think its odd that the “top secret” police files were stolen from Audrey and Dave’s solicitors “home” that time while he was out to dinner with them?! Why were such important documents in his home anyway? The neglect accusations cannot be denied based on the findings of Christine Kenny and Amy’s own diary. Also does anyone remember an article some months after Amy disappeared reporting that Audrey had been arrested for assaulting a neighbour because neighbour complained she was playing music too loud…? Not really the actions of a heartbroken mother that one would imagine! Lastly, why hasn’t Dean been asked about the neglect? Why has he not defended his mother upon these allegations? It is of note that he has remained quiet in all of this, I think.

  27. Louie Lou

    I did not insult anyone. I have read a lot about this case. I just didnt hear the interviews thet were mentioned above, but I did read the articles in the Sunday world and a lot more articles too. I just hope Amy is safe and well somewhere and if she does come home that she lets everyone know the truth herself. Plus Ms Kenny has stated that she has the police files. So what is she “Special” No one no matter who they are would get a hold of police files that are involved in an open police case as it would jeopradise the whole investigation of the disappearance. How do I know this, because I work in the judicial system. So if ms kenny did get a hold of these files they wernt done down the proper chanels. She would have had to obtain a court order and the state would have denied her access to these files because its an ongoing case

  28. It’s amazing when factsare put in front of some people (louielou) how they shut up. What did I do hit at the right thing here. If I were Amy’s Mam I would be getting onto the authorities and finding out IF ms Kenny does have these police files and if she does HOW SHE GOT THEM. If she did get them they may as well close this case because the 12 suspects they do have can never be prosecuted because of the breech in confidentiality in Amy’s case

  29. gillian, sorry i didnt shut up i was busy with my work .

    Amys biological father is entitled to have all documents relating to his daughters dissaperance, as mrs kenny is his spokesperson and sister she to is entitled to have any -all documents relating to the case .
    my questions to you –
    how do you know there are 12 suspects-
    why do you want the case closed –
    why are you so against Amys irish family having the facts-
    Why are you not aware that court records are public documents if you are employed in the justice system.

  30. louilou you obvioulsy think you know all the facts in this case, as Gillian has stated this is an ongoing investigation and NO ONE!! not even Amy’s mother has the right to the case files… you really should check your information regarding “open Cases”… Amy’s mother did not enter into any sort of retaliation UNTIL Amy’s so called “loving” aunt started the slagging on Spanish radio… she herself brought the (sad) death of her son into the equasion.. not Amy’s mother…Amy’s mother has never slandered Amy’s father in any way what so ever… actually she has rarely mentioned him.. there are PLENTY ( and believe me I know) of reasons why the family left Ireland, WELL documented.. so if you want to talk about whats in the public domain maybe we should speak about those reasons?!??? NO?? DIDN’T THINK SO!!!

  31. to goldstar, Dean has been interviewed in both Spain and Ireland, and unlike his so called family in Ireland he has remained dignified by not answering un-substantiated claims against his mother, what would you expect a (then) 18year old boy to do?!?!? get into this circus of a slagging match with people on the internet?!?!?

  32. poppy – if you have anything TRUE to say go for it . i know how hard amys aunt has worked to bring this case to a hopefully happy conclusion. You seem to be very hostile to a very respectable woman who has no slur or her character.perhaps you know something but my question is –

  33. louielou,unlike yourself & Ms Kenny and Co. I’m not in the business of slandering people… i don’t personally know this woman so therefore cant say whether she is as you say a “very respectable woman” but are you trying to say the claim that Amy’s aunt has the case files is true???? I DON’T THINK SO! just because i don’t agree with you doesn’t make me wrong and it certainly DOESN’T mean you right! and from your posts i notice that you never answer a question.. just throw more back… really helpful….NOT!

  34. Poppy – further to your somewhat hysterical post , i have answered many questions , i have not slandered amys mother as i personally dont know her so i cant . however now heres a question for you.

  35. louilou, I would like to know what part of my last post you found “hysterical”?? is it the fact that i asked a simple question?? ( which you STILL haven’t answered!!) do you believe everything you read in the news?? obviously you do.. judging from your posts…. and I think it is you who is “hysterical” ranting as you do… i find you rude and aggressive, as i have come to expect from that camp… and again… you don’t answer a question but just ask another… but this is getting us nowhere… lets get back to what’s important… Amy is still missing…and no amount of slandering her mother is going to bring her home,. if as much time was spent searching as was bitching something constructive might come out of this.. oh and as far as the so called “secret Files” you would have to ask the author of the piece in question not me… I wasn’t there..and.. at what point did i doubt there existence??? no doubt you wont answer a single question i have put to you…but i’ve come to expect that from you…

  36. louilou, i did not say no one could “see” the files, I said no one could have a copy of the files… please read before you post… saves a lot of confusion! (on your part)

  37. poppy , whilst i find it tedious to have to respond to you i will now answer your question i refer you to my posting of the 6th of june -yes I am a friend of Amys IRISH FAMILY.

  38. As always on any website, the battle between the two sets of families/friends/relatives and “devotees” continues with regard to poor Amy’s disappearance – it’s become expected!
    One thing I find interesting, actually the only thing, with regard to the book Amy’s Mum is publishing … is her reference to details of the breakdown of her marriage that will be contained in same. This, to me, is of ZERO relevance … may seem important/relative to her (on an emotional level), however, poor Amy disappeared in the care of her Mum and her partner in Spain …..! She was denied visits back to Ireland – so in all fairness I see this reference as a very direct attack on her Ex husband, for no purpose other than her own. Amy disappeared in her care, regardless of what happened in the past.
    It’s a book I wouldn’t buy, along with Kate McCann’s book. I’m so sad that Amy is missing, but this situation does not warrant Celebrity Status for Either Mum, in my opinion! It’s a shame

  39. louilou still not answering my questions??? as you said,,, this is getting tedious… you cant answer a straight question…you talk in riddles… hysterical indeed… you that is…

  40. poppy -list your questions and i will answer them if in deed you have any . please refrain from personal insults and attacks .
    goldstar – you are correct the breakdown of the Fitzpatrick marriage is of zero relevance in this case and yes Amy did go missing in the care of her mother and stepfather .
    One point of confusion for me is even if the marriage was a disaster wouldnt a normal mother have taken two seconds to inform the father of the child that she had vanished, Christopher Fitzpatrick found out from the press.

  41. Louie Lou. Again you come here spouting insults to everyone that poosts comments. How do I know there are 12 suspects because I got in touch with the radio programme and they sent me a copy of both interviews with Maurice boland and i listened to them. Christine kenny stated on that interview that “they didnt know there were 12 suspects in this case” I am not against anyone finding the truth about this young girl but with the things that Ms kenny said on that programme a lot of it had no relevence to Amy’s case. She stated that Amy’s mam had to ring the police for Amy’s dad on occasions before they moved to spain. Why was there a court order in place in the first place, seen as you say you know the family then you should be able to answer that one. All this was before Amy even moved to spain so why would this have any relevence to the case. Amy’s court records are not in the public domain. Amy’s case is a case of a missing person which is an ongoing POLICE CASE, not a public case. If as you say the files are in the open then any member of the public can apply to see these files am I right. Well if this is the case what is the point in having the police investigate this case if the public are going to solve it.

  42. Gillian, I totally agree with all your comments, but, alas.. you are wasting your time trying to get a straight answer from Louilou, I’ve been trying for days! maybe now she’ll call YOU hysterical… it seems no one is allowed to have a different opinion to the one put forward by Louilou. and getting an answer is totally our of the question…

  43. I can see that poppy. Everyone else is wrong and louie lou is right. The only person I feel sorry for in all of this is Amy. If she is found she has to face all the people questioning who she is. From what I can see Amy was a typical teenager who threw tantrums like every other normal teenager, From the picture I have seen of her she is a very happy teenager who enjoyed her life. as for this crap of her clothes being like rags. How many teengers out there have wardrobes of clothes and shoes that have some items falling apart, they are teenagers and usually form my experience its the closest pair of shoes that they can find under the pile of clothes on the floordrobe (as my son calls it) that they put on their feet.

  44. I note 13 people agree with me and only poppy and gillian disagree are they by any chance related?

    and as for the lies comment poppy look to your own comments for lies not mine .I say christopher fitzpatrick found out from the press his daughter was missing and those words came from his mouth and were confirmed by his family .

  45. To Gillian – I disagree…! Amy was not the average teenager. If you look at the photos on her “missingamy” website you see a young girl in a foreign country. Then there is a huge gap …. and the only photos u see are of her much older pouting + posing constantly. Everyone was shocked at the lewd photographs that were her “missing” photos! What happened in the years in between – no photos of any happy times then? I still cannot believe that she never returned to her home for her mobile phone during the new year’s celebrations!

  46. Goldstar
    I just had a look on the missingamy website and saw a mixture of photos. had a look at her fathers one and there arnt many pictures of her at all. At least her mam posted photos of her up on the site. If you listened to the radio interview with Maurice boland you would have heard him say it himself. Being out at 11pm at night isnt unusual in Spain. Its not only Amy that was out at this time. Also according to Christine Kenny on that same interview Christopher Fitzpatrick found out through a niece of his that Amy was missing, not through the media at all. As for Poppy, I havnt a clue who he/she is but from the comments from everyone else on here im sure it is the family in Ireland that are posting these comments. obviously with the way everyone is going on about the mobile phone i will keep my eye in the papers for their next story about Amy. Let me guess. She had another phone or something like that, which wouldnt be unusual for teenagers as most of them have that many phones that they chop and change with no one would know which phone they have with them. As for the older pouting and posing constantly photos as you put it have a look on any teenagers facebook or bebo page and I bet 95% of them have posing a pouting photos on their pages. All teemagers think they are the next top model and there is no one else like them. Im sure all the women on here have posed and pouted as teenagers too. If you say you didnt then you must have lived very sheltered lives.

  47. louilou,, i didn’t think this was a popularity contest… obviously you do… wow!! 13 people agree with you!! As Gillian has said we do not know each other.. and as Gillian quoted.. Ms Kenny herself stated where Christopher heard the news,,, for someone who claims to be soooo close to the Fitzpatrick family you trip yourself up time and time again… you never answer a question and rant uncontrollably.. your not helping! Anyone who has teenagers in there life will know exactly what Gillian is saying about the pouting in photos… but I’m sure you’ll disagree with this too… i await your nonsensical reply.

  48. This isn’t a popularity contest – but it seems it’s becoming a “Protect Audrey Fitzpatrick” one! Why’s that? I mentioned before about the allegation that Audrey assaulted or threatened her neighbour a few months after Amy’s disappearance – any comments about that from the “Audrey” camp?

  49. As they say you have to be a good liar to remember what has been said. Louie Lou I think you need some lessons if you want to keep up this joke of a defense for Amy’s Irish family.

  50. Goldstar,

    Im not protecting anyone. In fact I dont even know the family but if Ms Kenny is going to post these things about a young girl surely the people that are following this case have a right to reply and comment on what is being said. From what I can see here if posters dont agree with what the Irish family are saying they get insulted by Louie Lou. I dont know who this person is or if indeed they even know the family but from the lack of replies from louie lou to questions that are being asked then she isnt directly involved in the case. I just dont see the point in things like this being posted if the family are not going to answer the questions that are being asked of them. Maybe the olive press should ask the questions posted on here directly to the family and see if they are willing to answer the questions. I have a copy of both interviews if the journalists would like a copy of them to see exactly what was said on the interviews. They can print all the bad stuff about Amy so maybe the public would like the answers to the questions they havnt asked. Im still curioius as to why there was a court order against Christopher Fitzpatrick in Ireland before Amy moved to Spain. As audrey said on the Maurice Boland interview, Ask any of her friends or family and they will tell the reason why she left Ireland in the first place. I for one would like to know this reason, it might give some insight into why they were moved to Spain.

  51. Why would the general public need to ask Ms. Fitzpatrick the reason she left Ireland – hasn’t she made it clear it will all be revealed in her upcoming book?! Its actually embarrassing that she would think anyone would be interested in her previous marital relationship – people would like to see Amy found and care about her disappearance ONLY. Amy went missing in her mother’s care in Spain. What happened in Ireland is irrelevant to Amy’s disappearance.

  52. fact -the mother did not tell the father the daughter had vanished .
    fact – audrey did assault a neighbour and the police were involved
    fact – the forensic report stated that the blood on the mattress was amys, microcondrial d.n.a cant lie even tho your damn good at it .
    fact -Amys own clothes where left at her friends house for three years and not submitted to the police .

    now it that enough to shut up the protect audrey and dave society or dont you really care about Amy at all….. methinks not . WE WANT AMY FOUND AND WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY UNTILL SHE IS – GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD?

  53. So if these are “Facts” why arnt her mother and stepfather locked up. Obviously the police dont think they are guilty. If they did they would have been locked up by now.

  54. louielou
    JUNE 19TH, 2011 1:21 PM
    or maybe they are just well connected … who knows …..

    conspiracy theories Louilou…now you’re really loosing the plot! “fact -Amys own clothes where left at her friends house for three years and not submitted to the police”.. so why didn’t the police take them or the friend submit them to the police??? are you going to blame Audrey for that too??? i’m sure the last thing on Audrey’s mind at that time was where was the set of clothes left behind…it has been well documented that Amy was wearing clothes she borrowed when she disappeared therefore if the police had thought the clothes left behind were of any importance surely they would have taken them..
    Gillian, i totally agree with you..

  55. Why did Amy’s brother,Dean, not stay in Spain to help his mother campaign to find Amy and/or to support her?
    The Irish family that Poppy and Gillian continue to slate (above) are the very family he very quickly left Spain to return to …? If there are so many deep dark secrets (to be SOON revealed in THE BOOK(!) … and the mother had to “flee” Ireland because of!)why did she let her son leave to return there …. at a time when one would imagine she’d have needed him more than ever??

  56. Poppy , you really are getting desperate now …. I totally stand by every word I have said .
    Gillian what a silly comment I dont know the family so cant ansa …why bother to write such rubbish, furthermore the Spanish police dont move till they have all the evidence they are not like the Irish who arrest first and sort it out later so maybe that story isnt finished yet .

  57. Believe what you want Louie lou but I have them sitting on my desktop. ive actualy listened to them again and the question you asked about why Dean went home was answered by Audrey on that interview. Dean wanted to go home 2 years earlier and his FATHER would not sign his passport forms. Audrey had to go through the Irish embassy and the Spanish embassy to try and get him to sign the forms for Dean to be able to go home to Ireland and because his FATHER wouldnt sign the forms he had to wait until he turned 18 to be able to travel home himself.

    Also Maurice asked Chriatine why Christopher didnt act on these allegations and her reply was Chrsitopher needed a copy of his marriage cert as he was married in Rome and he couldnt get a copy of it. What was wrong with going to the local parish priest and applying for it from there. The priest would have got a copy of it for him.

    One other thing that struck me about that interview. At the start of the interview Christine stated that “christopher suffers with bipolar disorder” and she has no problem saying this. Why would she have a problem saying this. Its an illness after all and nothing to be ashamed of, The way she said it came across to me that she has a problem with his illness but had to say this to make allowances for him. I wonder if this is one of the reasons why Audrey had to tell her kids they were going on holidays instead of moving to spain. Did she fear that Christopher would kick off. The more i listen to these interviews the more I see a man who for some reason or another Audrey was afraid of and this is why she took her children out of Ireland.

  58. To Gillian:

    You are getting WAY off point here – Amy disappeared while in the care (or lack thereof) of her mother in Spain.

    Whatever the reason for Amy’s mother to move to Spain is firstly entirely her own business, and secondly entirely irrelevant to Amy’s disappearance years later.

  59. Actually it was Goldstar that asked about Dean not me .Thank you for finally admitted Audery breeched the schechen agreement by removing her children from the father without his authority or permision.
    As Dean allegedly assaulted his father at the weekend I personally quite understand why if indeed it happened his father didnt want him home .

  60. Goldstar. I am only voicing my opinion on here, is that wrong. If its the case that it is irrelevent why did christine mention it on the Maurice Boland show. Its ok for her to mention it but not ok for anyone else to comment on it. Louie Lou how do you know Dean allegedly assaulted his father at the weekend, or is this another one of your conspiracy theories too.

  61. Gillian: Your comments have become increasingly more those of someone who is very involved in the Mother’s Campaign! Having said that you may just have opened up a can of worms on her – it is viewed very serious to leave a country with children without both parents consent in writing – they must have got the ferry! She could face charges for such, even now.
    Anyway, like you said, Gillian, you’re only voicing your opinion which in turn Louie Lou is allowed to do also, so please stop these constant attacks on Louie Lou and anyone else who offers their opinion. It’s a debate – try to remember that

  62. thanks goldstar its good to hear that you can see through the lies told by gillian and poppy . its easy to attack the person who tells the truth and just shows signs of desperation from the side that where meant to be caring for Amy.

  63. Goldstar/Louie Lou
    Ive not attacked anyone on here. I’ve repeatedly asked numerous questions and still got no answers. Ive nothing to do with anyone’s campaign and with the way comments are coming on here I wouldnt have anything to do with any campaign. The only thing I care about is the young girl that is missing so if that is a crime then im guilty. As I said above its ok for louie lou to attack anyone who doesnt agree with her but when someone comes back with something they are either called hysterical or told they are on the side of the mother.

    Is it not allowed to question what is being said by the Irish family?
    are we all supposed to believe what they say?

    Well im sorry but with the interviews that have come out lately and the accusations that have been said about Amy I am beginning to believe that this is a smear campaign against amy’s Mam,her partner and her brother. As you both keep pointing out what happened in Ireland is irrelevent but when I questioned why Christine Kenny brought this up Im being told I am attacking Louie Lou. If the Irish family dont want these things questioned then why mention these things in the press at all. Or is it they can say what they want and not be questioned about it.

  64. No Gillain of course not however if you are not involved why did you get the interviews from maurice boland when he refused to hand them to amys family ?
    also the sunday world article printed pages from Amys own diary – how can they be smears if the child wrote them herself ?
    Nothing that has been writen by me is not provable .

  65. Comment from “Shirley” in above thread:

    “This kid used to walk past my window daily always looked scruffy and uncared for , didnt attend school and appeared to be homeless, it wasnt till she went missing that my husband and i realised she was the daughter of the woman who spent her days on a bar stool at tricky rickys ….
    I heard her son aslo spent a lot of time at other peoples houses, did the police ever bother to investigate the home…. too late now i suppose ,she sold up last summer”

    Would be interesting to hear more from “Shirley” I think with regard to Amy. It’s been widely reported that a lot of witnesses refused to give evidence in this case – why’s that?

  66. I find it so sad that people feel the need to divert from the ONLY thing that is important. Finding Amy ! Why is it that so often a crisis pulls people apart when they should be pulling together. I’m so glad my two daughters haven’t read all of these comments & I hope they never do.
    They would be mortified.
    We miss you so much Amy (Aimee, as she liked to spell her name. Please be safe, where ever you are. Love you always

  67. thats a very sensible comment and a great pity that the family couldnt come together to find aimee as a team as opposed to fighting over her , however the damage is done .

  68. Respect for both of the above comments.
    However I’d like to make one more observation before I bow out of this thread – it’s very obvious publicly the animosity between the two sides of Amy’s family. It’s shocking how the father’s side were left in the dark (regardless of the bad relationship between Audrey + Christopher),firstly about her disappearance, but secondly the “OFFICIAL” website that was created by Amy’s Mum … refers to THEIR daughter (her + her partner’s daughter) – I keep wondering if this woman is both negligent + deluded …. her partner is not the father of her daughter, Amy, Christopher Fitzpatrick is.
    Lastly, I really hope that Amy will be found, but more progress might be made if her birth parents joined forces!

  69. Any fool can produce a child. taking care of them is much more challenging. the parent and her partner should have been arrested for neglect of a minor if these allegations are true. It would be a great relief if they are not true.

  70. @ Marna. But its ok for the mccanns to leave their 3 children under the age of 3 in an unlocked apartment and get away with it. Amy was 15 not a baby, and if you know the way people live in Spain it is acceptable for teenagers to be out after 10pm. Its the lifestyle that is lived over there.

  71. hello again Gillian … still defending the indefensible I see .

    Oh sorry you already have …

  72. Yes, I so agree with Marna + Louie lou, … Gillian ur defending comments are ridiculous, there is no comparison to the McCanns story and this one??!!! I’m a random member of the public following both stories – they are worlds apart, no comparison.

    The McCanns and their friends had routine checks organised (ok that didn’t work out so well for them), Amy was 15 + there was zero checks for her, just presumptions that she wouldn’t be home. Hence the sad reality of what happened to her. I have teenage kids + many of my friends have teenage kids. In this day + age (and ESPECIALLY in Spain) u find out where they are and keep in touch + keep them safe. If Gillian’s lifestyle is to let her teenage kids out in pubs til the early hours, that’s her risk – didn’t work out so well for Audrey Fitzpatrik. I know I certainly wouldn’t take that risk with my kids. I’d be home with them or otherwise know where they are.

    The general public, Gillian, are very socially aware – who are you kidding?

  73. Also – I note that there is another sponsored walk organised for September for funds for the campaign. The Great Wall of China had been previously organised, but never happened?

    Why was this?

  74. You again Louie Lou you poisonous person??! Whatever happened with you getting in touch with that woman who stole the peoples money on that other thread? Just as we all thought, you’re full of it. Please stop stoking peoples misery with your visceral poison. Please just log off the internet and get a life you sad sad person.

  75. Brimster , you related to royalty if not please dont use the royal ” we”

    It may surprise you to learn that forums and comments are the opinion of the writer , they may not be your opinions but I and others have the right to respond without insults from people like you .
    If you cant behave in a credible manner may I suggest you simply dont bother to comment more .
    I stand by every word I write .

  76. Louie.Lou . I take great offence to the comments you are making against me on this thread. I dont know who you think I am but as I have said before I DO NOT KNOW ANY OF AMY’S FAMILY. I just refuse to believe the tripe her Irish family are coming out with. As a matter of interest where did Amy’s family get this famous diary. when the Sunday world report in reply to the Aunts claims states that Amy’s aunt hadnt seen her in over 6 years. She wasnt that concerned about her if she couldnt be bothered to keep in touch with Amy.

    As you said in your reply to Brimstar. I and others have a right to respond to comments without insult from you or others. So if you want to be treated with respect then Id expect the same courtesy.

  77. Gillian , I have not disrespected your opinion only the fact you always jump to the defense of the mother at every opportunity and then state you have no knowledge of Amys family .

    I do know Amy family from Ireland and I can assure you they are telling the truth , as to where they got the diary from i cannot answer because I dont know but Im going to ask and I will publish the answer here .

    Amys paternal family have no reason to lie as for a long time they didnt know where she was because the children where removed from Ireland without the fathers knowledge.

  78. So you know the family in Ireland on this article. You know some other woman in Spain who defrauded people of money on another article. http://theolivepress.es/spain-news/2011/07/15/missing-spanish-furniture/
    Your saying she is lying and didnt defraud anyone.

    Who else do you know. you seem to be defending a lot of people on this website.

    The olive press (no disrespect to the paper here) dont get a lot of things right according to your comments on the other article.

    Here’s your comments from there

    “louie lou
    July 19th, 2011 10:23 am

    Hi Jan , I am sure that if margaret corley is given the opportunity she will clarify everything, as stated previously I have known margaret many years and remember when she started this business peninsula I belive it was a rental scheme where owners handed their properties over completly to holidays companies so I fail to see your point “APARTMENTS WHERE USED WITHOUT OWNERS CONSENT” if you contract your property for rent you dont need to give consent every time its rented or am I missing something here ..
    I do however recall she had problems with delays on build and lack of facilities on site .
    I would be very surprised if this lady did as you stated .”


    July 22nd, 2011 10:11 am

    Brimster – I do know margaret personally and in the civilised world she would be allowed to be innocent untill proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.
    I have stated that I find the story hard to belive because I always found her to be an honest decent woman ,I also said that I think its best she comes forward to give her side of the story which Im sure she will do .
    My opinions have the right to be expressed as yours do , I find some people just want to hurt and attack here on this site when they clearly have no knowledge of the situation I am not one of them .
    suggest you find a more adult way of communicating other than personal attacks…….”

    HMM personal attacks mentioned again. This must be your favourite word.

    July 22nd, 2011 10:19 am

    Hi Jan it certainly sounds like something untoward has happened here ,normally on a new build there are 5 sets of keys so if as you say only Margaret had them then she certainly does need to give you an explanation and compensation for the damage .

    Of course if money has gone missing a refund and an explanation are necessary as soon as possible .
    please understand that this woman has been a friend of mine since the living in the canary islands 16 years ago and I am very worried about this story …its so unlike her”

  79. your point is gillian ….. it is possible to know two people in the world one on a personal level and one because she has looked after your property for years without one centimos going missing from the rent.

    what the hanging hell is wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. So it has gone to knowing the family to knowing Amy on a personal level. It gets better. Next thing you will be telling us is there is pink pigs flying across the sky and we are supposed to believe that too. Im sorry Louie Lou but you just made a laughing stock of yourself. In respect for Amy I wont be replying on this article any more. I hope Amy is found safe and well and no harm has come to her.

    Be safe Amy wherever you are.

  81. obviously your reading skills are the same level as your intelligence- i know Amys family in ireland i have never met Amy ok and i never said i have.
    I also hope amy is safe .
    as for a laughing stock pot kettle black my dear

  82. There you go Louie Lou showing the real truth in what you write. You wrote “please understand that this woman has been a friend of mine since the living in the canary islands 16 years ago” and now you are insinuating that you don’t know her on a personal but a professional basis! What happened with you getting in touch with her within 24 hours and replying on the article? Did her brother tell you something that you didn’t like the sound of or is she dodging her “good friend” too?

    You come on here criticizing everyone and everything with intimate knowledge of the goings on in all their lives. I am calling you out as either a liar and fantasist or one of the biggest busybodies on the coast. Either way you are a pest who needs to log off and get a life.

  83. It’s very sad to read this crap that Amy’s aunt is saying about Amy, I am from Spain and I live in England, I met Amy and her family in 2005 when I was living in Spain for 2 years, I come back to the UK in July and a couple of days before I had lunch with Amy (July 2007) is true that Amy had a lot of freedom but she never went without, my cat had kittens and Amy come to our house to get one of the kittens and we give her a lift back to her mother’s house and she had a lovely bedroom and plenty of clothes, she was always clean and also she use to go to the hairdresser and her hair always look nice and clean, as for her aunt I also met her on 2007 , she was spending a holiday and staying at Amy’s mom’s villa. It is disgusting that she is saying all this lies about Amy just to be on the papers and it hurts me the pain that Amy’s mother is going through with no need for people adding horrible staff about the live of Amy ! And you people that believe her, you should think before criticizing about things that twisted and is saying and I also know that she was never there for her!!! Too little too late).
    When I had lunch with Amy in July she told me she was looking forward to go back to Ireland and go to college to become a hair dresser, she likes to do always different things to her hair and this is why is completely ridiculous that she didn’t have a shower in 2 years, because she always like to look good, she was very feminine about her appearance , some times she wore a bit too much make up for her age, but again that is what teenagers do. So please I beg you, stop reading all this morbosities about poor Amy and let’s pray that she is found soon and well, is the only thing that decent people can do, and please stop bitchering about her mom, she is going through enough pain as it is. Amy we love you and pray for you.

  84. Sorry I just saw that I miss spell AUNT, and when I met this woman was the year 2005, just want to clare that. Amy where ever you are God bless you sweet girl xxx

  85. Señora Fernandez, MRS KENNY (Amy Aunt) has never spent one night in Audrey fitzpatricks villa in point of fact the paternal family didnt have the address where AMY was living till after she went missing , furthermore she hasnt touched alcohol for years. is this a case of mistaken identity or a further slur on

  86. So where is Margaret Corley? What did her brother tell you? What did she tell you if you managed to talk to her? Why did you not come back to the thread and let those who are suffering know instead of going on other threads and spreading more misery?

  87. The past 10 or so comments are clearly from people connected to Amy’s family – in whatever way! I find it a bit scary how nasty things are between them all…?

    Again, I ask about the sponsored walk next September? What happened about the last one – the Great Wall of China Walk never happened with Amy’s brother, Dean, and Amy’s Mum? What happened the funds collected for it? Will this next sponsored walk take place?

  88. Also, I know if I was that committed to finding my child and organised a public event, I’d have been there and done it no matter what …! Especially if people were sending donations sponsoring it. Even if I was unwell, I would have made sure it happened in my absence …. !

  89. GOLDSTAR – I fully and freely admit my connections to Amys PATERNAL FAMILY they are and always have been decent honest people who are simply trying to find their niece/ daughter .
    You are correct in saying some people on here who state they dont know ANY of the family are clearly lying .
    This thread has degenerated into a personal slagging match ,one side against the other possibley to derail the information trail and possibley to stop people commenting further .

  90. This girl has been missing a long time and all everybody seems to be doing is slagging everbody off who cares bout what has been said or who done what, how bout just trying to find the girl maybe she dont wanna be found but lets hope everybody does what they can and stop all this childish backstabbing and playground crap

  91. Wow. What happened to love and respect? any one here who claims to know the family has seriously disrespected Amy the girl who the world is looking for shame. On you. Take care Amy I truly believe you are alive and finding your own happiness in life.

  92. AMY…shell here amy i hope ur out their and if you are now you should justpick up ur fone and just say ur alive and if where u are is where u want to be at least if ur alive then ur family will be happy its been a long time now amy if you read this which i hope u do….just try contact someone …xx

  93. Will people please stop lying about Amy. She spent Boxing Day at my home after having spent Christmas day with her Mum, Dave and her brother Dean. Amy spent about four months with me & family on and off the year before she disappeared through choice as both my daughters were very close to her. I didn’t mind in the slightest and spoke to Audrey most days and did Amy. As for her new house, it was three times the size of ours. We just had built in mates and transport was difficult and expensive. Out of the hundreds of photos of Amy posted online do any of them look as if she hadn’t had a shower in two years. Get real people. Also whilst I sympathise with Christine losing a blood relative in this manner the only people she ever mentioned Ireland were her father and the new baby, as it was then. If you haven’t got anything new and factual to print or comment, please don’t make it harder for her family. This is morally wrong, whichever way you look at it. Thank you.

  94. She wasnt eating out of bins, her mum and her friends looked after her, id like to see the day someone could prove they had pictures she’d drawn of living in a box, ive been to Amys house ive met her mum and she wasnt treated like that at all.

  95. Both my sisters know amy from living in Spain and say she was also eating. And to borrow clothes off her friend which (as she was so clearly “skinny”) would not have fit her is stupid !

  96. Have been reading recent updates on Amy’s case. The Olive Press article previously reported her to have been living long stretches of time away from her family in “Coin” (Amy’s mother even mentions this location), which is where the man her family are now accusing of being involved in her disappearance (“Lucky” Wilson)they have reported lived. I am amazed the police would have allowed them to name anyone now under investigation? Im also surprised they would publicise his name in terms of danger to their own families? I would imagine they must be very shocked to realise that they had no idea that Amy at such a young age had contact with a person of such violent propensity, currently serving a jail sentence for murder. Did her friends not know she met up with him – did they not say anything to anyone? So many questions in this case ….

  97. Wow, this whole story is very sad.
    TO AMY’S FAMILY+ I’m very sorry you guys have to deal with such humilation and disrespect. You can look at EVERY picture posted and tell that amy is a very happy and well taken care of girl. She looks like the type of girl that can walk into a dungan and light it up. Also, to the last comment made; it does seem wierd that all this info is released to the public with no remorse whatsoever of safety. IF she was alive and being taken care of; this could of caused him to have gotten rid of her. For all we kknow she could be out pretending to be happy with him just so she can stay alive. I don’t know. It is 2012 now. I just wish I knew that her family could sleep easy at night by simply getting a phone call saying she is dead or alive. If she’s dead; atleast they know they can stop worrying if she is hurt, eating, or anything else horrible im sure they’ve thought of/pictured happening to the beautiful girl, if she is alive; depending on if she is happy or in danger. They will know to keep looking to save her or know to leave her alone because she is happy and safe. Then they could sleep and possibly find a way to start stitching the cuts in the family so they could keep regular contact with one another. id like to know if the person being told that she hasnt seen amy in 3 yrs is her mom or aunt? and why does that matter? Is it a situation where before amy went missing this person didnt care about her bcz they were to busy with their other family? or is it a situation where they lived in different states and visiting wasnt coming from either side? Also, was Amys diary really published in a newspaper? if there was anything in her mind to go back home, I dought she will now, she is probably humilated. Her friends mom is probably the best one to listen to. IF she was having parents problems; speaking as a teenager with parent problems; this would be who she would turn to for help and comfort. I believe with all these lies and acusations someone knows where she is and is trying to flip the script. this is sad. very sad. friends and family living heart broken. Im sure Amy made a hell of an impact on everyone she met. Shes a very beautiful girl and looks like a very fun bright positive person to be around and I pray that she didnt do this on purpose out of stubborness. Im sorry (to her family) Im sure you’ve already went to God for help, but dont give up on him. It may not happen now, but one day, you will run into her in the grocery store, bring her name up to someone who KNOWS shes not or is alive and they will tell you, or she may very well come knocking on the door to come home.

  98. To all recent posters on this thread –

    Christine Kenny Amys much besmirched Aunt has worked tirelessly to uncover the truth about Amys Life in Spain. Many of the things she has been told have been harrowing to say the least , many of the statements given to private investigators and lawyers have brought tears to the eye.She has told no lies or untruths she has recieved a copy of a letter from a concerned parent BEGGING the Irish authorities to take Amy into care ????She has been given clothes belonging to Amy that where little more than rags , She has spent many thousands of euros of HER OWN MONEY on a so far fruitless search so before you insult her , malign her and say she doesnt care for Amy perhaps you should all think about what she has done to find her niece and stop with the insults they are offensive and spiteful.
    The truth will come out and then quite a few of you will be eating your words at the very least

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