By Wendy Williams

SHOCKING new police files have emerged allegedly confirming the troubled life of missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick.

A series of witness statements purport to show the 15-year-old, who vanished on New Years Day 2008, was a wild child living a lifestyle spiralling out of control.

And in disturbing extracts from her diary, first published in Ireland’s Sunday World, the teenager emerges as a sad and lonely girl who missed her home in Ireland and had to forage for food in bins.

In one of the most distressing entries, released by her aunt Christine Kenny, Amy actually draws herself living in a cardboard box with an arrow pointing to bins where she gets her food.

She writes: “I smell of dog s**t and I haven’t had a shower in 2 years and I moved into my new house 2 day (sic) and it’s quite small and it’s not been painted.

“I am hoping to paint my cardboard box soon.”

The latest evidence – which suggests she could have been living rough – backs the claims reported by the Olive Press in 2009.

Sources then told the paper that she occasionally slept in fields and sometimes seemed hungry. She often didn’t attend school.

However her mother – and close friend Kim Simpson – slammed the new reports as wildly inaccurate, insisting that Amy was a normal teenager and never went without food.

Her mother Audrey, who is about to release a book on the case, described the claims by Christine as ‘a kick in the teeth’.

She said: “This woman says now that she will never give up her search for Amy.

“But where was she before my daughter vanished? The last contact she had with Amy was three years before she vanished.”

She added: “Teenagers will always be teenagers and there were times Amy walked out after a row and stayed with friends.”

Her friend Kim added: “I think this thing about foraging in bins is bullshit.

“Amy never went without. She may have stayed away from home a lot out of choice but she was always welcome there and there was always food for her.”

But Amy’s aunt and father Christopher Fitzpatrick, who live in Dublin, insist they can back up the claims with evidence.

And their claims are supported by a crucial letter – which the Olive Press has read – in which a mother of one of Amy’s friend’s pleaded to the Irish authorities to take her into care for her own safety.

Last night Christine Kenny, told the Olive Press: “It doesn’t matter when I last saw Amy, whether it was three years ago or six.

“She is my blood relative and I won’t rest easy until I find the truth.”

She added: “It is all coming out about her lifestyle, and the truth has to be told. I am sure the secret to her disappearance lies in the life she was leading.”

Christine meanwhile picked up some clothes Amy had left at the house of close friend Ashley Rose on the day she disappeared.

She had been staying at the house since Christmas Eve.

“She had to borrow clothes off Ashley as hers were in bits and her shoes were falling apart,” claimed Christine. “It just shows how she was living.”

Interestingly, the latest police reports reveal that three witnesses have come forward alleging they saw Amy with a mystery blonde in the Trafalgar Bar, in Calahonda’s El Zoco centre hours after her previous last reported sighting.



  1. Also, I know if I was that committed to finding my child and organised a public event, I’d have been there and done it no matter what …! Especially if people were sending donations sponsoring it. Even if I was unwell, I would have made sure it happened in my absence …. !

  2. GOLDSTAR – I fully and freely admit my connections to Amys PATERNAL FAMILY they are and always have been decent honest people who are simply trying to find their niece/ daughter .
    You are correct in saying some people on here who state they dont know ANY of the family are clearly lying .
    This thread has degenerated into a personal slagging match ,one side against the other possibley to derail the information trail and possibley to stop people commenting further .

  3. This girl has been missing a long time and all everybody seems to be doing is slagging everbody off who cares bout what has been said or who done what, how bout just trying to find the girl maybe she dont wanna be found but lets hope everybody does what they can and stop all this childish backstabbing and playground crap

  4. Wow. What happened to love and respect? any one here who claims to know the family has seriously disrespected Amy the girl who the world is looking for shame. On you. Take care Amy I truly believe you are alive and finding your own happiness in life.

  5. AMY…shell here amy i hope ur out their and if you are now you should justpick up ur fone and just say ur alive and if where u are is where u want to be at least if ur alive then ur family will be happy its been a long time now amy if you read this which i hope u do….just try contact someone …xx

  6. Will people please stop lying about Amy. She spent Boxing Day at my home after having spent Christmas day with her Mum, Dave and her brother Dean. Amy spent about four months with me & family on and off the year before she disappeared through choice as both my daughters were very close to her. I didn’t mind in the slightest and spoke to Audrey most days and did Amy. As for her new house, it was three times the size of ours. We just had built in mates and transport was difficult and expensive. Out of the hundreds of photos of Amy posted online do any of them look as if she hadn’t had a shower in two years. Get real people. Also whilst I sympathise with Christine losing a blood relative in this manner the only people she ever mentioned Ireland were her father and the new baby, as it was then. If you haven’t got anything new and factual to print or comment, please don’t make it harder for her family. This is morally wrong, whichever way you look at it. Thank you.

  7. She wasnt eating out of bins, her mum and her friends looked after her, id like to see the day someone could prove they had pictures she’d drawn of living in a box, ive been to Amys house ive met her mum and she wasnt treated like that at all.

  8. Have been reading recent updates on Amy’s case. The Olive Press article previously reported her to have been living long stretches of time away from her family in “Coin” (Amy’s mother even mentions this location), which is where the man her family are now accusing of being involved in her disappearance (“Lucky” Wilson)they have reported lived. I am amazed the police would have allowed them to name anyone now under investigation? Im also surprised they would publicise his name in terms of danger to their own families? I would imagine they must be very shocked to realise that they had no idea that Amy at such a young age had contact with a person of such violent propensity, currently serving a jail sentence for murder. Did her friends not know she met up with him – did they not say anything to anyone? So many questions in this case ….

  9. Wow, this whole story is very sad.
    TO AMY’S FAMILY+ I’m very sorry you guys have to deal with such humilation and disrespect. You can look at EVERY picture posted and tell that amy is a very happy and well taken care of girl. She looks like the type of girl that can walk into a dungan and light it up. Also, to the last comment made; it does seem wierd that all this info is released to the public with no remorse whatsoever of safety. IF she was alive and being taken care of; this could of caused him to have gotten rid of her. For all we kknow she could be out pretending to be happy with him just so she can stay alive. I don’t know. It is 2012 now. I just wish I knew that her family could sleep easy at night by simply getting a phone call saying she is dead or alive. If she’s dead; atleast they know they can stop worrying if she is hurt, eating, or anything else horrible im sure they’ve thought of/pictured happening to the beautiful girl, if she is alive; depending on if she is happy or in danger. They will know to keep looking to save her or know to leave her alone because she is happy and safe. Then they could sleep and possibly find a way to start stitching the cuts in the family so they could keep regular contact with one another. id like to know if the person being told that she hasnt seen amy in 3 yrs is her mom or aunt? and why does that matter? Is it a situation where before amy went missing this person didnt care about her bcz they were to busy with their other family? or is it a situation where they lived in different states and visiting wasnt coming from either side? Also, was Amys diary really published in a newspaper? if there was anything in her mind to go back home, I dought she will now, she is probably humilated. Her friends mom is probably the best one to listen to. IF she was having parents problems; speaking as a teenager with parent problems; this would be who she would turn to for help and comfort. I believe with all these lies and acusations someone knows where she is and is trying to flip the script. this is sad. very sad. friends and family living heart broken. Im sure Amy made a hell of an impact on everyone she met. Shes a very beautiful girl and looks like a very fun bright positive person to be around and I pray that she didnt do this on purpose out of stubborness. Im sorry (to her family) Im sure you’ve already went to God for help, but dont give up on him. It may not happen now, but one day, you will run into her in the grocery store, bring her name up to someone who KNOWS shes not or is alive and they will tell you, or she may very well come knocking on the door to come home.

  10. To all recent posters on this thread –

    Christine Kenny Amys much besmirched Aunt has worked tirelessly to uncover the truth about Amys Life in Spain. Many of the things she has been told have been harrowing to say the least , many of the statements given to private investigators and lawyers have brought tears to the eye.She has told no lies or untruths she has recieved a copy of a letter from a concerned parent BEGGING the Irish authorities to take Amy into care ????She has been given clothes belonging to Amy that where little more than rags , She has spent many thousands of euros of HER OWN MONEY on a so far fruitless search so before you insult her , malign her and say she doesnt care for Amy perhaps you should all think about what she has done to find her niece and stop with the insults they are offensive and spiteful.
    The truth will come out and then quite a few of you will be eating your words at the very least

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