EXCLUSIVE By James Bryce

A PENSIONER involved in a minor traffic accident claims he has been ‘stitched up’ after paying for repairs which he alleges were not carried out.

Trevor Dine, 82, from Sotogrande, agreed to pay the 890 euro bill after accepting responsibility for bumping another car in nearby Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro.

The businessman, who has lived in Spain for 28 years, issued a cheque in the garage’s name after being shown an invoice for 754.15 euros plus 135.75 euros in VAT by the owner of the Audi A6.

But when Dine contacted the garage to request a bill, or factura, he was informed that the repairs had not been carried out.

This was despite the cheque being cashed and the money being given to the car owner.

“He admitted he couldn’t give me a factura because he had already given some of the money to the car owner,” Dine said.

“That was the moment I realised I had been conned by the pair of them,” he added.

Dine is now taking the matter up with the police and tax authorities.

“If this sort of thing is commonplace it’s no wonder our insurance policy costs are so high,” added Dine.

“I think it is a disgrace.”


  1. I do not see the problem. When somebody damages my car, he has to pay. Then when I decide to pocket the money and drive in a damaged car that is my good right. It is not even a tax issue. The value of my car would be less, the difference would be in my pocket in cash….? What is this story about?

  2. anon ….perfectly well said , am sure this man is talking rot he hit the other car his problem he has to pay … whatever the victim does with the cash is up to him .
    as he paid out without involving his insurance company dont see how his premium will or could be affected .

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