SPANISH heart-throb Antonio Banderas had a tumour on his back ‘the size of a fist.’

The Malaga born actor has broken his silence after two years to advise people ‘to listen carefully to your body’.

Speaking to an Italian magazine, Banderas, 50, explained that he discovered a strange lump on his back after taking a shower one day.

“Two days later I was in the operating room to have it removed,” he said. “The biopsy revealed, to my great relief, that it was a benign tumour.”

But the surgeon told him: “You had a lump as big as my fist.”

Banderas who stars in Pedro Almodovar’s new thriller The skin I Live, had kept the ‘nightmare’ under wraps.

He had previously only told his family and close friends, but used the interview to encourage people to ‘run to the doctor’ if in doubt.

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