HOT flushes could last for more than a decade.

A new study has shown that the hot flushes endured by millions of women when they hit the menopause could last on average for 10.2 years – three times as long as previously thought.

The research – which studied a group of 400 women for a 13-year period – also found that women who start getting hot flashes earlier will actually have them for longer.

“Hot flashes are pretty common, they’re distressing and bothersome to a fair number of women, and they’re starting earlier,” said Dr. Ellen Freeman from the University of Pennsylvania.

She added: “We need more safe and effective treatments for women that they can use for the long haul.”

Almost nine out of 10 women endure hot flushes at some point in their lives with most beginning to experience them when they are aged between 45 and 49.

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