SPANISH food is replacing Italian cuisine in the hearts and mouths of the British consumer.

The UK’s biggest supermarkets have announced that typical Iberian delicacies such as paella, tapas and chorizo are becoming increasingly popular, with shoppers now regularly choosing them over their Italian equivalents.

Tesco confirmed that it was now selling two tons of Spanish chorizo every week, compared with just 0.4 tons of Parma ham.

The UK’s biggest supermarket also announced that Spanish omelette or ‘tortilla’ has recently become its best selling line on the deli counter.

Sales have gone up by a staggering 16 per cent since a year ago.

Marks & Spencer meanwhile revealed chorizo was flying off the shelves as quickly as salami.

And paella, the rice dish most associated with Spanish cooking, is also becoming a firm favourite, outselling Italian risotto by two to one at Asda.

“It’s taken the best part of 50 years but our love of Spain has finally manifested itself in tapas becoming the fastest growing new cuisine in Britain,” said Alison Stokes, at Tesco.


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  1. ………. doesn’t really speaka for the taste of the “British world known Gourmets” also could have something to do with
    Parma at Tesco is around 33 £ whereas
    Chorizo is around 8,70 £
    that is x 4 ?????

    Your turn Fred ……..

  2. Ta.

    Truth is, the British are now eating more paella and tapas than the Spanish, who are now mostly addicted to Big Macs and “Whoppers”. I read somewhere that Burger King are soon to offer a McTapas, with little portions of cheesburger, onion rings, whopper, et al. Lovely.

    Can’t see that big a price discrepancy at Tesco’s Sharon:

    Parma Ham:


    Where did you get those figures? Sounds like top notch pata negra that you are quoting.

  3. Bargain shopper Fred ……

    I like it –

    How about the triple cal Tappoper Sampler Platter consisting of

    Gazpachito de Pepino de Almería DOC
    Patata Fritas relleno de processed cheese de Manchego DOC
    Albóndigas de pura (g)rasa con salsita de einz DOC
    Pimientos rellenos de mahonesa Rico Rico sin huevo (Vegan qualified)
    Tortillitas de bacon y carne de presa(da) origin de Pozo

    Que aproveche

    These are the prices calculated using your links, you found the Parma £3 p kilo cheaper then I did — still almost x 4

    cheapest Chorizo at Tesco £0.88/100g = £8.80 p kilo

    cheapest Parma at Tesco £3.06/100g = £30,60 p kilo

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