THE speed limit on Spanish motorways will return to 120kph from July 1 after the government decided not to maintain the reduced 110kph limit which had been in place since March.

Reports had suggested the switch could cost 600,000 euros, but Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Interior Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba stated that ‘the measure no longer made sense’.

However, he did concede that the measure had worked, having resulting in savings of 450 million euros since its introduction on March 7.


  1. …… but Spain was again world leader in doing this — too bad no one followed suit. But keep it up: How about a law changing all chair in Spain to three legs ? Do the math the amount of trees save could revers climate change …… or the obligatory swallowing of olive pips ? this should have two funtastic positive effects
    1. Toilette paper sales will drop immensely thus again saving the rain forest and
    2. olive oil consumption will soar for the needed opening of backed up tubes …… winners all around

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