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A jewel in Gibraltar town

IT is rarely seen by tourists on their holiday excursion to the Rock.

Now, finally the Gibraltar government has realised the commercial benefits of developing its 1200 year ‘jewel’, the old Moorish castle.

Dating back to the 8th century – which was until last year the enclave’s prison – will spearhead a major urban renewel plan in the old town.

The castle, which appears on the back of some five pound notes, is to be renovated and promoted as a key tourist venue.

Minister for Culture Edwin Reyes described the vision as the ‘first step’ that will lay the foundations for a major project and see huge economic potential ‘unleashed.’

“I look forward to the day when the Moorish Castle stands out as a wonderful jewel,” he said.

Preliminary surveys and works have already begun inside the castle complex.

James Bryce

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  1. I remember the day when back in the 90’s the Union Jack left its place to the Spanish flag to much surprise of the local residents who soon gathered to lynch the activists that performed the swap, the kind of reaction we often see on TV from third world countries.

  2. I don’t think this article is at all fair with it’s use of the ‘finally … realised’.

    [“Now, finally the Gibraltar government has realised the commercial benefits of developing its 1200 year ‘jewel’, the old Moorish castle.”]

    The government has LONG wanted to open up and restore all the remains of the Moorish Castle, fully aware of the heritage value and potential.

    However the lower ‘keep’ area of the castle housed HM Prison Gibraltar until very recently. Now that it has been moved to its new purpose build facility, the hertage departments and agencies (and engineers) have been studying and surveying the castle – making plans, exploratory investigations.

    The government have been waiting to do this for years, so saying ‘finally realised’ is simply wrong. The moving of the prison had to await a replacement being built – and this was awaiting the conclusion of land-transfer agreements between the Government of Gibraltar and the MoD so that the new purpose built prison could be built on it’s ideal site.

    Also, Carlos in your comment you say the people who swapped the flag were lynched. Just to be clear NOBODY was lynched – no body was caught, while a lot of people wanted (rightly) the flag corrected as soon as possible, there WAS no lynch mob. – So don’t try to paint Gibraltar as a third world country just to advance your unwelcome and hostile political demands. Stick to facts.

  3. They scaped the lynching because they trapped themselves into some room, I recall. But the angry mob was there, nothing happened becuase the Police arrived first.

    However, remembering the riots after The Doves Manifesto, or more recently the World Cup incidents or agressions to Spanish students on School visit one might rightfully say that violence against Spanish/hispano-philes is no estranger to the Rock.

  4. Carlos, regarding your supposed ‘attempted lynching’ – I was there, never happened. Stop making stuff up.

    Before responding on the Doves comment, please clarify which Doves era are you refering to?

    As for the world cup win by Spain, I recall nothing more than congradulator celebration?

    As for the school visits, I’ve personally been *directly* connected/involved with 12 such schools visits in the last 8 months, never had report of this.

    Again, please clarify which ‘doves’ incident you are referring to, I can think of 2 things.
    But separately, stop making stuff up.

  5. My I comment on Carlos who seems to be on the note of a typically Spanish person who luvs to do some Gib Bashing.
    The people of Gibraltar are only protecting their identity by the many facist Spaniards who enter Gibraltar and make it their aim to insult Gibraltar and it’s people.
    Why does Carlos not mention the ammount of aggro that the people of Gibraltar recieve whilst on a day trip to Spain.

    Back to the origianl post ‘Moorish Castle’, It is indeed a very valuable asset to the town of Gibraltar and will be a wonderful tourist and local attraction.

    P.s The Spaniards who swapped the Union Jack for the Spanish flag DID deserve lynching.
    Watch this space:
    How long before Spain claim the Moorish Castle as being theirs?
    Long live a British Gibraltar

  6. What Doves are there? I mean the original 6 palomos (I only remember Triay and Benady) who published a letter in the Gibraltar Chronicle and saw briefly after their assets being attacked, not to mention a move from London probing their bank accounts in a failed attempt to discredit them.

    There were riots in Gibraltar when Spain won the World Cup, Spanish workers in the petrol station harrasad, flying objects, around 11 gibraltarians were arrested.

    Recently a youngster from Tarifa suffered a stone attack during a School visit as part of his English lessons. The fact is documented on the press.

    Referring to the heritage, I’m looking forward to see some highlighting of the Spanish Town. Seems to me that for the official history, Gibraltar was lost in a time wrap from the XVth century to 1704, when it magically reappered out of nowhere. Or perhaps tolled by Rooke from the tip of Cornwall.

    At least they take care of the Hispano-arabic legacy, don’t know much about the Hispano-visigoth, Hispano-roman or Iberian periods in Mount Calpe/Gibraltar. But I guess that there must be some other Hispanic remains somewhere.

    But it’s a nice gesture that they cherish so much the Spanish emblem of Gibraltar, to the point they made their flag out of it. It really looks like a nice Spanish flag.

  7. The Spaniards who were attacked in Gibraltar following Spain’s world cup win was provoked by the Spaniards themselves (and they very well knew the consequences) who bought to Gibraltar many Spanish flags to celebrate the win.
    We all know that in a normal and fair world anybody is allowed to fly any flag in any country they so may wish to.
    However- Note Carlos:
    It is a provocation for a flag (in this case the Spanish flag) to be flown in a very sensitive area.(In this case Gibraltar.) The same reaction would happen if you were to fly a Spanish flag in the Basque Country, or an Argentinian flag in port Stanley in the Falklands.
    Common sense Carlos, common sense.
    The world is not stupid and we all know the reason why those flags were bought into Gibraltar. We also know that deep down,Spain is still a facist country.

    You can fool some people sometimes but…

    The reason why there is so little of Spanish existence in Gibraltar is because Spain destroyed them in their many sieges towards Gibraltar. However it was/is the British who have made what Gibraltar is today.(And also thanks to the Moors, for OUR Moorish Castle.
    A jewel in the Med.
    A contrast to anything over the frontier Carlos.
    Let me finish off by stating that the flag of Gibraltar is the flag of the town and it’s people. PLEASE NOTE :
    Our truly righteous flag flies proudly over our elegant rock of Gibraltar. The Union Flag.
    I feel really sorry for people like you Carlos.
    I bet you spend all your time just bashing Gibraltar. You will not achieve anything amigo.
    Get a life.
    P.s Here in Gibraltar, we like Spain, it’s fascists like you that we can’t stand. So back off, leave and let live. P.I.G

    Long live a British Gibraltar

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