6 Sep, 2011 @ 23:45
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British MP who blocked public footpaths around Spanish home faces 21 charges of fraud

A BRITISH MP who infamously blocked public footpaths around her home in Granada is facing 21 charges of fraud.

Margaret Moran, 56 – who sued the Olive Press after we revealed she used official House of Common’s notepaper to ward neighbours off her land, near Orgiva – could go to prison over a string of lies.

The former Labour MP – who has had a home in Andalucia since 1984 – has been ordered to appear before City of Westminster Magistrates Court on September 19.

Moran will be charged with 15 counts of false accounting and six of forging invoices to support her claims.

“These charges relate to fraudulent claims with a total value of more than 60,000 pounds (70,000 euros),” confirmed director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer.

The maximum sentence for false accounting is seven years in prison, while forgery carries a maximum 10 year sentence.

The former Luton South MP had the audacity to wrongly sue the Olive Press and then put the 800 euro bill through as official expenses.

She hired leading libel firm Carter and Ruck to claim that she had never used official House of Commons notepaper to order neighbours off her land.

It came after the Olive Press reported that the so-called socialist MP had blocked off ancient drovers tracks preventing neighbours getting to their homes. She later lost the right to close off the footpaths through her estate.

One neighbour Nick Nicholson, 56, who works in the oil industry, was overjoyed with the news.

He said: “She must be gutted. We did not come here for this petty, completely unsocialist behaviour. It is bloody minded and completely unsociable.”

Another neighbour Nuri added: “She is meant to be a socialist MP, but behaves like an English imperialist from the days of the Raj.”

In the UK police enquiry, she was found to have ‘flipped’ her second homes over four years, spending thousands of pounds on decorating each one in turn.

She even claimed a staggering £22,500 (25,500 euros) for dry rot treatment at her property in Southampton, just a fraction less than the maximum allowance available for the whole year.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Moran NEEDS to take a long hard look at herself,Socialist
    VALUES eh! Tony Blair his wife and the rest of the Labour Champagne crew are hated by most of decent british people and they deserve it!

  2. Read today’s details in: http://www.order-order/tag/pigs-in-the-trough. Charged with 21 counts…get those pounds of flesh!

    “Having conned the taxpayer out of £98,000 the former Labour MP Margaret Moran will finally be charged by the CPS today. The other Labour MPs to face criminal charges have been tried and served, some of, their sentences in the time it has taken to show that Moran had three-second homes in four months and the dry rot she got fixed for £20,000 was at neither her constituency or second home.”

    With her figure, I hope the jail issues her Vertically striped prison garb, not horizontal striped ones!

  3. Unaccountable politicians, who don’t have a remorseful bone in their body, aren’t ashamed or apologetic about the lousy job they did causing Britain to go into the toilet on their watch. Labor leaders like Blair, Brown, D. Miliband, Ed Balls, Darling, et al should be tarred, feathered & deported from the country they caused to be, no longer Great!

    One wonders WHEN taxpayers hold their elected & unelected Officials accountable for their actions. Lord knows they get paid enough plus health/pension/expense benefits most UK folks would die for. They live ALMOST as well as the unemployed immigrants to the UK!

  4. As Moran is no longer an MP, having been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party already I hope ALL those she looked down on from her high-horse take full advantage and remember to make her eat some of that humble-pie she so badly needs when she returns to her home here. With a little bit of luck it will wipe that supercilious smirk off of her face once and for all before she gets her porridge?

  5. Paul, as described above – I think this type of “politician” is NOT ashamed or apologetic about their actions, even to a smirking Public or Media.
    I thinks what’s needed for them and their constituents is tgo see these Politicians have to REPAY what they have taken from the public purse and be IMPRISONED. After all they put their pants on, just like we all do. Only
    Prison bars help remove the “supercilious smirk” on face

  6. All the other posters are out of order and should be ashamed of their comments.

    Margaret Moran only did what any right minded person would do when presented with the need to make money to fund her lifestyle: a lifestyle seriously endangered by the need to fund three houses.

    Life when you are a Socialist is hard: expecting Margaret Moran to abide by Socialist principles is unfair. She should be treated as if she is a Lady of the Manor.

    The Criminal Charges against her are unfair and should be withdrawn. She should be given a peerage for standing up for her human rights under an oppressive Government.

    For the record I started a Margaret Moran supporters club. Donations to :
    A MP
    The House of Commons

    Please note: Donations under £5,000 are unwelcome.

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