If you thought Marbella was only good for shopping designer and luxury labels, think again

A FEW weeks back I spent some days with my sister in Marbella, where she is currently living. The town has the reputation of being a place to holiday and shop for the rich and famous.

As you arrive in Puerto Banús, it’s hard not to notice those with astronomical amounts of money, driving cars that are somewhat unbelievable. There is something quite unique about being woken up by the sound of a Lamborghini Diablo speeding by your window. It’s another world.

My sister had been telling me about the town’s Saturday market for a while so we decided to check it out. The verdict? pretty good and worth visiting.

There are hundreds of stands, tons of merchandise: jewellery, accessories, clothes, leather goods, ceramics and even an antique area, which, if you’re into over-the-top Baroque furnishings, is the place to go. While it’s not to my personal taste, it was still interesting to have a wander around.

Tip: get there really early. From 9am it’s mayhem to park your car, and if warm, carry lots of water as there’s hardly any shade.

FIND OF THE DAY: Customised trainers and shoes by Mari Paz Alario, an artist from Malaga

The find of the day? Some customised trainers and shoes by Mari Paz Alario, an artist from Malaga. She mainly paints beautiful pictures, but she has now ventured into fashion, with some gorgeous customised footwear. Each piece is unique as she paints them individually. For more info on her creations click here.

  • The Puerto Banus street market in Marbella is on every Saturday from 9am to 2-3pm. It’s next to the Plaza de Toros (bullring), 10 minute walk from the port.

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