By Wendy Williams

A DOZEN Greenpeace activists have started squatting in Spain’s most controversial illegal building.

The group are refusing to move until their demands are met to knock down the El Algarrobico, which was built on a beach inside Almeria’s Cabo de Gata Natural Park.

The move comes exactly three years after the license to build the 411-room hotel was declared illegal.

Now the group has taken over the partially-built property to demand that the Government and the Junta sign an agreement committing to its immediate demolition.

“The countdown is on for whether Zapatero’s Government still wants to make environmental policy or whether it wants to be remembered for allowing the existence of this icon of the destruction of the coastline and real estate speculation,” explained spokesman Pilar Marcos.

The activists put up a banner asking, simply: ‘What are they waiting for?’

The hotel developer Azata del Sol meanwhile has warned of the ‘risk of accidents,’ and called on the police to intervene insisting the group is trespassing, branding their actions ‘absolutely unnecessary.’

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  1. met a young friendly Spaniard in a panaderia today and thought, maybe I was wrong about this crappy selfish uneducated inferior complex ridden society …… but then it dawned on me this kid is normal thats why he stands out – not because he is very friendly no its the rest that are ……….

    They aren’t knocking this hotel down, because someone is still hopping and maybe rightly so, that this project isn’t dead yet and the cow still has milk that can be squeezed out at the cost of some tonto quiri country up north ……

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