Put away the acrobatic suit, the time may finally have come where we can just walk down the street…

IT’S not often that a headline talking about dog shit puts a genuine smile on your face and makes you really intrigued to read on. But this morning the front page of Cordoba’s local daily did just that!

At long last – after millions and millions of soles have fallen victim to landing in canine droppings – the local government is planning to really start fining people who don’t clean up after their dogs. The law apparently has been in place since the 1990s, but its only now that the police are being told to enforce.

I mean… I enjoy a good assault course as much as the next person, but there’s a time and a place for everything. And here in Cordoba a mixture of acrobatics and extreme vigilance is always required just to walk to the shops… and simply because of the amount of dog pooh littering the cobbled streets.

I’m surprised that army personal don’t train here, because it’s almost a military operation trying to jump, dodge and skip over crap. Tiptoeing carefully around hazardous objects has become an art form in the city. In fact, with a little training in defusing a bomb, a seasoned resident could probably head over to Cambodia and help out in the search for landmines!

Of course it’s not the poor dog’s fault that the streets are a nightmare, it’s the owners that allow it to happen. So now with the multa apparently ranging from €6 to €90, let’s hope it’s enough to finally stop dog owners turning a blind eye and start encouraging them pick up their pet’s mess.

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  1. I will always remember visiting NYC last year, surprised and loving to see so many people with dogs, and walking the streets with no dog poo in sight, super clean. I asked around and in Manhattan people do get fined if they don’t pick up after their dog.

    I have a dog, I clean up after him. It’s no big deal and it’s the easiest thing to do. It’s not the dogs that are dirty, is us lazy humans.

  2. asi es Freddy,

    Spain has more laws then anyone needs, enforcement is a totally different story.

    My theory is:

    They celebrate new laws to

    1.impress the rich N. EU states to get more dinerito

    2. to fill their useless “Miar que bueno somos” news programs.

    Just like the bake n shake change of their constitution is a brown nose job trying to fool the Merkel-Sarkosy paymasters ….


  3. Has anyone also noticed how every bit of public grass in Spain (which is not much admittedley) is full of dog faeces? To make it worse, Spanish parents seem to leave their kids to play and run all over it! Ignorance is bliss eh?

  4. Fred. I quote you from another thread: “My experiences of Andalucia are not all negative btw. As I have said on many occasions, Andalucia is a beautiful land, with gems such as Ronda, Cordoba, Granada and Malaga.”

  5. See, you can read my other threads. I always knew you did Paul ;) Actually, I nearly purchased in Ronda, well over a decade ago now. Do you remember the hot air balloon school running out of a cortijo on the outskirts of Ronda town? Nearly bought that, but transpired it had large debts.

  6. I wish they would enforce it all over Spain, my favourite little village in the mountains is full of it, yet I see few dogs. Long skirts are a no no and watching where your step is paramount,no fun and no so easy on the sloping paths. A lovely village spolit by dog crap.

  7. Dog poo is a problem throughout Spain, every street has dog poo and wee. I agree with many of comments here;

    1) Spanish parents just let their children play amougst dog poo!

    2) Spain has enough law, it’s about enforcing them!

    3) How can it be legal to let your dog poo on every nice grass area? or next to every tree? Makes no sense.

  8. Might be a good idea to do something about the large numbers of strays and abandoned dogs first. After all, no one is going to pick their crap up. Cats biz too and there are lots of them. Their extrusions are just as nasty.

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