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I’m new here!

calles guadix

“SOMOS chicas del pueblo” my Spanish roommate jokes. Two years ago I left life in the southern United States, and through a series of unplanned events, found myself a resident in a small town in southern Spain.

Even though the transition from guiri to gitana has been a winding road, it has been anything but boring.

I have yet to start dancing flamenco in the streets, but I am learning how small town life works and discovering some of the best sites off-the-beaten tourist path.

Let’s set the scene: Guadix, Spain. It’s in Andalucia, northeast of the city of Granada. The biggest attractions are cave homes and killer tapas. Plus, street markets, Semana Santa processions, an entire weekend dedicated to bonfires, another to beer and tapas. There’s always something to celebrate.

Throw in the quirks of small town characters: opera singing alcoholics, gypsies, the local legend who went to everyone’s funeral, communist bars and expats, and you have a lot of stories to tell.

Where I live is not in Rick Steve’s travel guide to Spain. But it is the epitome of Andaluz life, and my job will be to give you an inside look at it all. You can think of this blog as your own personal guide to travel, work and life in southern Spain. So grab some tinto de verano and happy reading!

Photography by Meritxell Alvarez


  1. Welcome to Spain! I hope it turns out to be the pleasant experience I expect it to be. You write well and I look forward to reading more of your adventure! ENJOY SPAIN.

  2. We will only be visiting Andalucia for a little less than 3 weeks (in October) but your picture of small town life in Andalucia has already added some more allure to seeing Spain.

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