A MOROCCAN teenager found dumped by the side of the road was shot for trying to steal marijuana.

The owner of a finca near to where the body of 15-year-old was discovered on the Marbella to Ronda road has been arrested.

It has emerged the 58-year-old, shot the teenager with a hunting shotgun after catching him breaking in to try and steal his marijuana plants.

The man identified as P.N.G, moved the body off his property to the roadside on Monday and now faces charges of a public health crime in addition to the murder charge.

Meanwhile, the wife of the accused has also been arrested for covering up the crime along with another youngster, a friend of the deceased, who is in custody for attempted robbery.

The 15-year-old victim, identified as T.A., reportedly lived in San Pedro de Alcántara and had been involved in previous attempted break-ins at the property.

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