9 Nov, 2011 @ 17:59
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Mediterranean diet could help women conceive

WOMEN who eat a Mediterranean-style diet boost their chances of getting pregnant, according to a Spanish study.

The survey of nearly 500 women found that those who ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains enjoyed increased fertility.

Around 17 per cent of those who stuck closely to the diet had fertility problems, compared to 26 per cent of those who didn’t follow it.

“The Mediterranean-type diet may have a protective effect on insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes,” said researcher Dr Estefania Toledo from the University of Navarra.

The study adds to increasing evidence of health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet, which has been linked to lower risks of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

However, experts have stressed that the study is only based on observations, not scientific experiments, meaning more research is needed before clinical recommendations can be made to women trying to become pregnant.

James Bryce

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  1. the Med diet is an urban myth, all the locals here eat fried fish and think they are being health then go on about how the brits only eat fish and chips doh!. Go to Burger King and see how many there are following the Med diet, Fuengirola has 4 Burger King, suppy and demand

  2. this must be excellent news for the EU in particular as unemployment is now exceeding 10% so more babies are urgently needed to drive the unemployment rate further up

  3. Right Felix, more babies are needed in Spain, as in many European countries, to redress the population deficit, and to grow up to provide a work force to pay taxes, to help pay for our pensions and provide care and nursing for us when we get older. The way things are going, the imbalance will have to be countered with more immigration. Spanish women are still having fewer babies (see Olive Press, March 17, 2011). Welcome babies!

  4. Who came up with naming a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains the med diet ?

    Maybe it should be called the conception or regular or sensible ……. diet

    Spain is a mayor exporter but certainly not a mayor consumer of fruits and vegetables.

    Fish is something the locals much prefer fried, yummy but I guess not the healthiest way of eating it …
    I would love to see a program called – Super Fish Fry Me – someone eating only fried fish for 6 months ……. I bet a tomato the Burger eater would win this one (meaning he is still alive were the Fish eater will long gone have exploded)


    Whole grain is for visitors who haven’t heard of Activia …..

    But then as statistics I am sure will proof, the Fried Fish eating Southern Spanish woman are certainly much more fertile compared to their Vegan, Steamed Fish and Whole Grain it all super regular N. European counterparts

    Maybe its all in the head ??

    We Want Freddy ……

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