A YORKSHIRE mum has been jailed after claiming over 45,000 euros (£42,000) in benefits in the UK while living a life of luxury in Spain.

Debbie Williamson, 45, bought a villa with a swimming pool in Valencia and put 33,000 euros into a Spanish bank while claiming income support, housing benefit and council tax benefits at home between 2003 and 2008.

An investigation began following a tip-off that Williamson, from Barnsley, was living with her husband and running a bar in Spain.

Although she claimed she had never lived here and that her daughter went to school in Britain, Williamson was found to have booked flights between Britain and Spain for her family and also made several cash withdrawals in Spain.

“There you were enjoying yourself in Spain while people here were having tax taken to fund your lifestyle,” said Judge Alan Goldsack.

She was sentenced on 10 counts of fraud and given 18 months in prison.

The Olive Press began a campaign to ‘Beat the Cheats’ earlier this year.

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