BRITISH expats are being offered cash rewards for information about suspected tobacco smugglers.

The HM Revenue & Customs campaign aims to clamp down on illegal imports of cigarettes to Spain – many of which come via the Gibraltar border.

Around 225 million cigarettes and several tonnes of tobacco destined for the UK have been seized in Spain over the last year.

“We hope the public will help us come down hard on the smugglers and fraudsters who cheat the rest of us by not making their full contribution to the cost of public services,” said an HMRC spokesman.

“These people are criminals who we want to catch.”


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  1. Why not fit anpr cameras on both sides of the border as its the mopeds smuggling,,,,,,,,,,the cost would be minimal as you are only after repeat offenders,,,,,,,if caught a fine and the loss of the moped!,,,,,,,,,,,the spanish goverment would make money from its own tobacco sales

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