SPAIN’S King has hit out the “unacceptable” unemployment rate the country is currently suffering.

King Juan Carlos has called for the country to unite to pull through its economic hardship, with the unemployment rate at over 21 per cent.

“We all know that the path of recovery will not be short nor easy, that it will require sacrifices,” he said in his Christmas broadcast. “It is a crisis that is surely set to change our economic and social habits.”

And in reference to a corruption scandal that is currently embroiling his son in law he censured “irregular conduct” by public officials.

“I am enormously worried by the lack of trust that seems to be spreading in some sectors of public opinion with regard to the credibility and prestige of some of our institutions,” the King, 73, said in his televised address.

“All, absolutely all people with public responsibilities, have a duty to observe appropriate conduct,” he added.

In the scandal, judges are investigating alleged corruption involving a charitable organisation formerly run by Inaki Urdangarin, 43, the Duke of Palma de Mallorca.

Urdangarin, a former Olympic handball player, is married to the King’s youngest daughter, Princess Cristina.

The royal palace this month froze Urdangarin out of its official activities.

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  1. The is is a culture in Spain that becoming a mayor is to line your pockets with silk. This should be stamped out, everyone just accepts it. Cortes once the richest village in Malaga is now handing out food parcels, the locals just shrug

  2. com’on Fred estate agents are seriously over-qualified and extremely underpaid for the service they provide to mankind, especially in Spain……. they come right after or before used car dealers, politicians, lawyers and last but surely not least stock-traders under 25 (and over)

    La creme de la creme so to say …… or is it the cream of the cream ?

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