11 Jan, 2012 @ 13:30
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Junta de Andalucia chief ‘spent EU grants on cocaine’

By Wendy Williams

JUNTA officials allegedly spent EU subsidies on ‘parties, drinks and cocaine’.

In a new twist to the ever-growing ERE scandal, the chauffeur to the ex-Employment Minister, has admitted he spent money on such expenses.

Juan Francisco Trujillo told a court this week that he and his boss Francisco Javier Guerrero became friends and spent the money on partying and drugs.

The shock revelations came after he was questioned by police over subsidies he received in 2004 to ‘set up two new businesses’.

According to Trujillo most of the 900,000 euros he was handed under his subsidy deal went on buying cocaine for himself and his boss.

“When Guerrero finished his day he was in the habit of going for drinks and I would go with him. We would take cocaine daily that was paid for with money from the subsidies.”

He said he also gave some of the money back to his boss and the remainder was used on land to build rural houses and premises for a furniture business.

In total he received two payments of 450,000 euros, all of which came from Brussels.

It came after Guerrero allegedly boasted in court of ‘the power he had as director general to indiscriminately grant subsidies without having to justify anything,’.

It had been Guerrero who suggested his driver Trujillo set up a pair of new companies so he could grant him subsidies.

Guerrero denies the cocaine and partying link.

The case continues.

Wendy Williams

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  1. Right throughout the Western world the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
    Right throughout the ex-communist and extreme right-wing dictator states, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
    In the West, the blame lies with crooks who have hijacked democracy for their own ends, feathering their own nests with taxpayers money.
    The taxpayer lose out all round: paying out for higher education for this aspiring governing ‘elite’, then being ripped off as they clamber up the ladder to virtually unassailable positions of corrupt power.
    We need a re-defining of democracy to hold those guilty of any form of corruption to pay with their ill-gotten gains.
    These Junta crooks need to spend at least 20 years in prison, their entire assets siezed. THAT would be democracy in action, not the half hearted reprimands which they will eventually receive.

  2. antonio2,
    everything you say is correct but real democracy, which translated from the Greek is – rule by the people of the city cannot happen until all those with the serf/slave mentality change or are processed into useful commodities.

    Remember none of this corruption can take place without the help of the ‘little people’. They are the ones who make it happen.

    In Nazi Austria and Germany all extermination was carried out by ordinary Austrians and Germans. putting on trial the scum at the top was great ‘circus’ for the Allied serfs but did nothing to stop the formation of the Stazi/Securitate or the white murderers in South Africa or in the Naval Academy in Buenos Aires, nor does it dissuade serfs from joining MI6/CIA.

    As long as you can literally get away with murder because you are wearing a State uniform – it’s OK. Just look at the cold blooded murder of the young Brazilian lad on the Metro in London.

    Why do you think that the ‘great powers’ don’t storm into all the tax havens and retrieve all the fiddled and stolen tax monies – because those that control these unifromed thugs have got their loot in these tax havens as well.

    It is’nt the greedy rich that are the problem it is the little serfs who do their bidding.

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