20 Jan, 2012 @ 13:35
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British-style school for Velez-Malaga

A FIVE-MILLION-EURO British-style school is to be built in Velez-Malaga.

It will be welcome news for local parents, many of whom are forced to send their children to schools outside the area due to a lack of options.

The private school, to be constructed in the Baviera golf complex, will offer education from infant to baccalaureate level.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. We have had quite a few requests for more information about this school.
    It will be built on a 9,000 square metre site owned by the town hall. A business group in Malaga is behind the project, which is backed by the town hall. We will keep our readers updated with any other news about this school.

  2. No wonder Brits feel Spanish resentment for them. Where are the “Spanish style schools” in Blighty? Of course, Spanish schools aren’t good enough for our little darlings, they must attend ghetto schools for British ghettos. On no account can we allow our precious off-spring to be contaminated by Spanish language and culture, even though we suck up the things we like, weather, food, night-life, etc. This isn’t immigration, it’s colonialism.

  3. stefano,people like you make me laugh.if spaniards lived in large numbers in say yorkshire and wanted the same situation there would not be a problem!if locals complained they would be called racists,bigots,etc,and guess what some spanish families send their kids to these schools.we are in europe people!!!!!!!!!!! we are european. lets embrace the differences in each others cultures and enjoy the good bits.ignore the bits that separate us for the sake of our kids futures if nothing else….here endith the lesson.

  4. PG: If your kids futures are truly in Spain, then let them embrace Espana, instead of clinging to a Little England mentality. There is nothing “European” in the above proposals, just “British Style” that’s all.

  5. my kids did embrace spain during all their school years in a spanish school,but unfortunately could not get a job here.so two out of three have had to go back and find jobs in the u.k.maybe they could come back and work in the above school??? oh no that would be so wrong judging by your point of view!!not colonialism just the way of todays world. i love my little england mentality and as i pay my taxes here and my family are residents here E.G. legal and chose to live in this part of the E.E.A. as opposed to scotland, wales,etc,i will stay.when i get fed up with the sun,tapas, bullfighting,and the lovely spanish “gente’ i will go.after 42 years it still keeps me here.

  6. Stefanjo,
    if you knew what the state of education is in State schools you would’nt want your children to use them.

    We knew an English couple with two very bright girls – within 6 months they were both top of their respective classes and that coming from a basis of zero Spanish spoken.

    They told their parents that: there was little if any control – children quite openly disregarded the teachers, ate sweets, crisps etc.during class: little if any interest in learning other languages, sport was virtually non-existent – if their school had been any good it would be impossible to acheive what they did in 6 months.

    I use valve hi-fi and once arranged a meeting with a Russian who lived in Bilbao to buy Svetlana valves which he bought on business trips back to Russia. Igor was an ex aerospace engineer and his daughter(Russian/Euskadi) was fluent in Euskadi/Spanish/English and Russian and this at the age of 9, also a brilliant pianist.

    To quote Igor “the schools here are crap, I have been the one who has educated my daughter – there is no way she will go to university in this country, she will go to a Russian uni, where you have to work damn hard to get a good degree”.

    PG, if I had kids, with the info I have I would want them to go where they get the best education,but not at the expense of other children, as in the UK. Also at that private school I’ll bet there wil be no attempt to indoctrinate them by the priests and I’ll also bet they will learn to speak Spanish very well and mix with children from different cultures – what’s to not like about that.

    BTW PG – one of the reasons that Spanish returning from working abroad after decades still not speaking more than a few words of their host countries language is simple – very few of them mix with the locals. I used to stop and chat to a ganador out in the Badlands whilst walking mour dogs – he spent 12 years in Sydney and returned no wiser to the Oz way of life, nor with a word of Oz English. I also got to know a young Spanish guy who was good friends with a Mancunian I knew. At first I thought he had been born in the UK to Spanish parents but not at all and his English was a mixture of Mancunian and Scouse. He hated living in Spain especially the summer months and he went off to Liverpool to teach Spanish, I think that as he was mad about English girls may have been part of the reason.

  7. All: Had a feeling I’d put the cat among the pigeons with my comments. Folk get very touchy when it comes to their sprogs – rightly so. Have to confess to playing Devils Advocate – somewhat. However, the principle of choice in education remains in the realm of money, it’s a case of buying privilege. If you can afford it great, if not, sod off. There are plenty of scabby schools in U.K., just like the one Stuart describes in Spain. No doubt many parents would love their off-spring to attend Eton, then, say, Oxford, if they had the bread. Unfortunately, most people have to settle for what they can get locally. The state schools my grandkids go to are excellent, because the parents get involved and won’t stand for slapdash teaching. They have extremely sharp elbows and know how to use them. Parent teacher associations are the answer, get stuck in! It’s possible, even in Spain. P.G. At least you are honest in your attitude to Spain and love the little bubble you’ve created. Reminds me of a Brit bar owner in Tenerife. I asked him his motivation for moving there and completely without irony, he told all and sundry that there were too many damn foreigners in England so he’d moved out! Stuart, agree completely about the dark, priestly, propaganda. Gives me the horrors. The mad thing in U.K. is the sight of parents falling over theirselves to send their kids to “faith schools” even to the extent of going to church theirselves to look Kosher.

  8. Stefanjo,
    agreed about State schools in the UK. Agreed that parents have to get off their butts and make sure that their children have good teachers.

    I personally would’nt have ever have agreed to sending children to Eton, Harrow or those other indoctrination centres, where the children of the rich are programmed to expect everything to come easily to them and guess what, that is exactly what happens.

    Faith schools – classic examples of indoctrination centres. Without my permission I was babtised in a Protestant church and once I’d reached an age when I could read and study all aspects of Christianity I left my parents in no doubt how angry I was with their action and that babtism into any faith is something that a young adult should choose for themselves.

  9. Hello, No se olviden de las familias inetresadas por el bilinguismo o más (tri en nuestro caso, somos franceses). mi hijo esta escolarisado in ingles y vivimos en uruguay, nuestra elección fue basada sobre la oportunidad de ofrecerle 3 idiomas. vamos a mudarnos para Velez así me interesa esté proyecto. lo interesante sería conocer las tarifas que van a practicar… pero cuando veo ya la ubicación tengo duda que comó en muchos otros casos sea muy muy caro y así reservado para los màs ricos. gracias Eloise por mantener el contacto. saludos.

  10. hi, my name is Anna. I am mother of Michael who has began to be a part of Velez football club since the end of July this year, 2016.
    michael was born in 1998, he is half Slovak (i am Slovak) and half English. He speaks both languages and a bit Spanish, too.
    he had been living in Torrox and Frigiliana in the last 2 years so that he could study football at an private Academy.
    this means Michael had to stop his Secondary study due to the lack of international school/s in that area.
    once more again he’d like to go back to learn and finish his 2years of the Secondary Education.
    hereby i would like to ask you very much for your help. Is there already any International Bilingual school in Velez, please?
    i know that there are some international schools in Malaga, yet this is not so handy for him (the trainings, games).
    as the time is closer and closer for a new school year to be started, i would appreciate your answer.
    with thanks,

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