THE Olive Press is continuing to surge ahead on the world wide web.

According to the world’s number one internet ratings company we have leapfrogged our opposition and left them for dead.’s rating shows that our site has moved up by an impressive 20,000 places in just two months.

The analyst now ranks it at 125,462 of the most important in the world – that’s well up from our position at 148,210 in November.

What’s more, Euro Weekly News – whose website has been going for almost twice as long as the Olive Press – has slipped down from 146,172 to 189,707 in the same time period.

Sur in English, too, has suffered a demoralising fall from 275,043 to 306,486. rates the popularity of around 30 million websites worldwide.

This puts us in the top 0.5 per cent in the entire world.

As well as  getting around 150,000 views a month, we are getting around 70,000 ‘unique’ visitors.

Some 40,000 people download each issue online and, according to our average reader is between 35 and 55 and with higher education..

Currently is in first position, is number two and comes in at number three.

Here at the OP we’re proud to see recognition of all our hard work to improve our site, and thank all our readers – both online and print – for your continued support.

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