THE ‘cocaine chauffeur’ Francisco Trujillo has been remanded in custody in the ongoing ERE case.

As reported in the Olive Press the former driver of Junta employment chief Francisco Javier Guerrero admitted that he and his boss spent 25,000 euros a month of public money on cocaine and partying.

The money was part of the so-called 1.3billion euro ‘reptile fund’ which should have gone to aid ailing companies and create employment.

Instead the courts have heard how in around 900 cases the money went to friends or family members of Junta employees.

Trujillo has now been jailed without bail and faces charges including bribery, influence peddling and document fraud.


  1. Dear Louie – two simple reasons…. HE was driving the car and HE was so unusual compared to others by telling the truth… he had to be locked up as a possible Danger To The Public. I foresee two years in prison, repay 69.50 euros and loss of Drivers License for 15 months

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