A BRITISH man has died in a plane crash in Velez Malaga during his first ever flight as a pilot.

Luis Rivera, 35, was killed instantly after his plane was caught in a gust of wind on his second attempt at landing.

Rivera, who was born to Spanish parents who moved to the UK, had hired a plane from One Air Aviation school with his girlfriend.

The pair had taken two-hour lessons to be followed by ‘baptism flights’ – which Rivera’s girlfriend had just completed successfully.

She was watching as the unthinkable happened and her boyfriend lost control of his two-seater Tecnam plane.

It crashed into the ground killing Rivera and his flying instructor, Spaniard Francisco Javier Gomez.

“It wasn’t the best day to fly,” insisted professional pilot Vicente Barbara who witnessed the incident.

The accident is being blamed on high winds and a full investigation has been launched by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority.

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