A CRACKDOWN on dodgy gas inspectors who target expats has led to 14 arrests in Marbella.

The gasmen – who work for six different companies – often charged up to three times the going rate to carry out unnecessary maintenance work.

They are accused of failing to have the right qualifications and of not being registered with the Junta.

It follows the recent arrest of four people in Malaga for similar offences.

The popular ruse – reported on regularly by the Olive Press in recent years – has led to expats being wrongly charged hundreds of euros for replacement parts or a new certificate.

Homeowners are often pressured into having work carried out on the premise that there is a risk of an accident, or are threatened with having their gas cut off.

According to regulator Cogasa, gas inspections should only ever be carried out by prior appointment.

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  1. And there is another similar scam you all should be aware of:
    thats ‘legit’ gasmen from the real companies. They come to your house unanounced, do a free check/survey, disconnect something, (as its old, out of date, dangerous), and then ask for money for their time/work.
    We got caught by this. He ‘had’ to remove the expired pipe, and yes the expiration date was clearly long gone, but his demand was too high, we just didnt have the money.
    So after much talking (which gave me time to reflect) i told him to sod off (ok, politely asked him to leave) as i didnt request his services in the first place.
    It still cost us a few bob to get the gas up and running again.
    Almost Had !

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