By Eloise Horsfield

THE Gibraltar government has vowed to take action against illegal squatting.

It comes after the Olive Press reported on an arson investigation that could be linked to squatters.

We revealed in our last issue how police have linked two fires to possible squatters in the Castle Ramp area.

Housing Minister Charles Bruzon said: “I am particularly concerned about squatters entering government rented accommodation which has been lying empty for long periods.

“We are taking immediate action to refurbish many properties that were abandoned by the former administration.

“We take a very serious view of squatting and will do whatever it takes, with police, to ensure that such opportunism, mainly from outside nationals, is considerably minimised.”

James Rae and girlfriend Kate Gooding spoke out against an increase in squatting on the Rock after Rae’s flat was gutted during an early-morning fire.

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