SPAIN’S top judge is facing calls to resign over allegations he put 20 trips to Marbella on expenses.

Carlos Divar (right) charged €13,000 for the lavish jaunts to Marbella, which often included up to seven bodyguards.

The Chief Justice is accused of spending up to four days at a time in Puerto Banus between 2008 and March of this year.

He has not yet been forced to reveal the nature of the trips,  which remain a mystery.

Among the costs alleged to have been incurred were meals for two at luxury restaurants and nights at top hotels including the Marbella Club and Puente Romano.

So far a panel of 20 judges had been unable to decide on his fate, with only half asking for his resignation.

Divar has refused to step down from his post, maintaining he has done nothing wrong and that the jaunts  were all for ‘official business’.

Under Spanish rules he does not have to justify or reveal who he was meeting.


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