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A gastronomic delight

huevos nevados

ON Friday evening, 10 August, come and taste more than 50 dishes from Spain and all over the world. The village of Montejaque is launching its bilingual (Spanish/English) Cookbook and Village Guide, and at least 50 of the 89 recipe contributors will be preparing their dish for tasting in the Plaza de la Constitución, from approx. 20:30 h.

Traditional village recipes include albóndigas (meatballs), Mistela (sweet wine), meloja (fruit compote) and tortilla (Spanish omelette); foreign residents’ recipes feature hamburgers from Canada, Teriyaki chicken from Japan and potato salad from Germany; Spanish recipes offer chilled garlic soup, oxtail and baked cheesecake.

And, of course, the cookbook and guide will be on sale – for a recommended price of 10€, with all proceeds going to support social projects in the village. Purchasers will also receive a discount coupon for 3€ to use in any of the 12 local bars who have advertised in the book – most of whom will also be cooking their dish (Iberian pigs’ cheeks, tongues in sauce and stuffed mussels).

For visitors to Montejaque, the guide includes the opening hours of the supermarkets and shops, with the specialties that they offer. There is information on the many facilities available in the village (e.g. gymnasium, swimming pool, internet), plus accommodation, transportation, tourist attractions and emergency services. There are English translations of fruits and vegetables, cuts of meat, coffees and drinks, herbs and spices, staples (sugar, flour, milk) and the many tapas items that can generally be found in the local bars.

All are welcome to participate in the launch of the ‘Libro de Cocina y Guía del Pueblo’ on Friday, 10 August.

More information: Carolyn Emmett
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Carolyn Emmett

Am an inveterate traveller. Born in the UK and spent teen years in Stratford-upon-Avon. Emigrated to Canada in 1976. Married 33 years, with three children and two grandchildren. Have lived in Jakarta, Indonesia (1997-2001), Botswana (2001-2003) and Johannesburg, South Africa (2003-2010). I'm a perfectionist, very organised, typical Aries; as Purple Ronnie would say: I would be good at being Queen of the World because: I love bossing everyone around and telling them what to do; I am great at making clever plans; I am great fun to be with 'cos I love action and adventure, and I always think up crazy ideas.

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  1. Will anyone be producing the Spanish signature dish of Cheese n Ham crispy pancakes deep fried in 10 day old lard and served up with soggy chips and a token vegetable such as a slice of fried green pepper? Spanish cuisine is an oxymoron

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