7 Aug, 2012 @ 18:05
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Protest on Valdevaqueros beach against town hall development plans

tarifa beach

HUNDREDS of people have protested over plans to build an enormous housing and hotel complex next to Tarifa’s virgin Valdevaqueros beach.

The campaigners held giant posters spelling out ‘Save Valdavaqueros’ and placards that read ‘Valdavaqueros is not for sale’.

The scheme comprising 350 apartments and 1,400 rooms was approved by Tarifa Town Hall in June.

Green groups have labelled the project ‘completely unsustainable’ and so far collected 90,000 signatures against it.

“It is pathetic that it is us, the citizens, who are having to fight this,” said Noelia Jurado, a spokeswoman for pressure group Salvemos Valdevaqueros.


  1. There isn’t the will, ability or guts amongst the Spanish hierarchy to stop this. No hope of help from the small man either, he is still ‘in awe’ of the moneyed classes, which now include some of the scum of the earth after the property boom of ‘illegal’ builds.
    Even the EU will probably not intervene in any meaningful way.
    How a tin-pot mayor can have such power to destroy is beyond me.
    The mayor, planners, lawyers, architects, etc., will not even notice the destruction as they swan away to unspoilt locations on the kick-backs they receive.

  2. It is not the fact of blindness alone, for sure corruption
    can be a reaseon for such crazy things. I know the location very well and everybody who knows the region knows, that
    the planned hotel will be the next modern ruin because
    no “standard-tourist” will ever go there. Tarifa is too windy and wild, that “Mallorca”-Tourists ever find the way
    I hope somebody will stop this madness.
    Save Tarifa…

  3. it is all unbelivable and we are so sad to read what happens in Tarifa… alle the guiris must fight against this project! Los Espanoles and Tarifenos, too.
    This project can be understood only when you know details about corruption: (“white collar crime” is my job in the police-organisation) The mayor and a lot of his friends will be happy about this project because they will have a better future – all the people of Tarifa and of course guiris will be the looser … since 26 we stay every year in Tarifa and we like ii and is nature! if Tarifa will change, we will look for another paradise… but Tarifa was one of the last ones…

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