A BRITISH artist is revealing her first exhibition in Spain.

Suzy Westgate, 41, who recently moved to Andalucia, is showcasing her work, which features typical Spanish flamenco dancers, musicians and matadors at the Hedone restaurant in La Cala.

“I have received a very positive response from both the Spanish and English and I feel this exhibition would be of interest to many art lovers,” said Westgate, who has previously exhibited in the UK including on the Bayswater

Road in London.

The exhibition runs from August 2.


  1. Having spent a lot of time in Spain on business! l was lucky enough to enjoy the hospitality of Spain’s people and one of my favorite entertainments was the flamenco dancing! Also l was lucky enough to visit La Cala!
    Those were days!

    Nice site by the way and added it to reader thanks. Ian

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