RYANAIR has banned a Spanish policeman from its planes after he carried a gun onto a domestic flight.

The airline has now issued a formal complaint to the Spanish government in a bid to change the law allowing policemen and soldiers to fly armed.

The crew only discovered the off duty policeman was carrying the weapon while he sat on the plane waiting for take off.

A protest has been sent to both the Spanish police and government, claiming that the presence of the gun endangered the lives of the 173 passengers aboard the plane.

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  1. Wise up Adrian, nobody sane wants an armed policeman or soldier on a plane ……… they have air marshals in the US that are very specifically trained and very important specially armed (caliber and type of bullet) for a possible violent confrontation on a plane.

  2. is this cop nuts, Weapons for use on pressurised planes have to be specially designed so they dont breach the planes integrity. I refuse to fly with Ryanair purely because it was the worst plane journey i have ever been on but surely the officer would have had to declare to the captain that he was armed

  3. Maybe the security guard was the cops pal. But the other question is, how did the cabin staff realise? Was the cop twirling it round his finger? Did he ask for oil to put on his trigger? Or worse still, was it so obvious that some nut could have made a grab for it?

  4. my baby’s bottle is not allowed as its a possible explosive, my nail clippers not allowed as i could stab everyone to death in seconds, my phone has to be off as engines can explode, even my belt and shoelases can be superspy-007 type weapons.
    And yet spanish police, and worse the miliatry, can ponce about anywhere they like with loaded weapons. (yes loaded, go check it out for yourself).

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