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Hindus slam televised bullfights

rajan zed hindu criticizes bullfighting return to spanish TV

A LEADING Hindu figure has lambasted the return of bullfights to Spanish TV last month and called for a full-on ban on the ‘cruel and unnecessary’ practice.

Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, used a speech this week to reiterate his stance of non-violence.

“We have long been out of the caves,” he said. “Let us get rid of these outdated traditions.

“Instead of promoting the barbaric, inhumane, horrendous, cruel and unacceptable practice of bullfighting, Spain should follow the example of Cataluna and the Canary Islands and ban the age-old tradition of bullfighting altogether,” said Zed.

“Spain could easily find other ways to entertain its citizens and visitors,” added the Indo-American.

“The EU should impose a Europe-wide ban on all blood sports,” he continued.

“People whose jobs are affected should be rehabilitated in other jobs with related training.

While state channel TVE stopped broadcasting bullfights six years ago citing reasons of costs and child protection, this decision reversed earlier this month after the broadcaster struck a deal with the industry over costs.

Bullfighting was banned in the Canary Islands in 1991 and in Cataluna on January 1 this year.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. Well said Rajan Zed. There can never be too many voices raised against this abhorrent practice. But, apropos of nothing, why does no-one appear to spell Catalunya like that, as the Catalans do?

  2. A half-story.

    Hinduism also slams any cruelty to cows – especially the inhumane harvest of cows for human consumption.

    But if we are looking to Hinduism for ethical guidance lets be consistent:

    You’re born into an ethnic and/or racial caste and not allowed to marry outside of it.

    Under-aged women (as young as 9) are dedicated to the goddess Yellamma and sold into sexual slavery as part of the Hindu Devadasi, or “sacred prostitution,” tradition.

    Children born with malformations are refused simple corrective surgery because their malformations are seen as manifestations of various Hindu gods.

    Oh, but wait, it’s only killing a cow that is barbaric…

  3. I think my previous comment got censored. Maybe I can tone it down a bit:

    1, Europe is secular and shouldn’t be taking Hindu religious beliefs as a basis for making cultural decisions.

    2. The Hinduism of Rajan Zed promotes complete veganism; so while, again, it is easy to point fingers and say “bullfighting is barbaric” it ignores the fact this man also believes that you eating meat at all is barbaric.

    3. The Hindu religion of Rajan Zed also promotes the caste system; he is a member of the highest caste, the Brahmans, himself. He discourages ‘intermarriage’ between castes. Nice to bulls, not so nice to humans.

    Here is what Rajan Zed believes specifically about you if you eat meat:

    “Life is perpetuated by not eating meat. The jaws of Hell
    close on those who do.”

    Yes. That’s quite tolerant and European. Not barbaric at all. High culture.

    Lots of selective reporting from the Olive Press. Might be a good idea to look into the people you write articles about beforehand. Mr. Zed isn’t exactly the most wholesome figure representing Hinduism either. He is also the the one who promoted a pornographic, nude Yoga video with Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood. And the essentially a cult leader rejected by many Hindus; the parody movie the “Love Guru” was based partially on him.

  4. Very good call guru ji. Let’s please ban animal cruelty from this world.
    It’s time for them to be human. You eat meat, ride, and even make them
    To fight each other for your pleasure?!! If you are human you get
    No pleasure with that. Love peace!

  5. Bullfighting is not a spectacle for this century. As spaniard, I regret very much my country allows this.
    Catalonia and Canary Islands have erradicated this “barbarie”

  6. Barbaric it may be to some people, me included but it is a fact that there is a huge employment and revenue component to consider which, true, does not make it more acceptable, but nevertheless, is important. But I am totally against Rajoy’s recent decision to reinstate it’s television slot.

    The long list of barbaric acts within the Hindu community is hardly a shining example of a 21st century civilised society. For once ‘reality’ I agree with you.

  7. We have long been out of the caves,teaches Rajan Zed. Surely the rock paintings of Lascaux and Altamira do not suggest prehistoric cave dwellers were “enjoying” bull fights.

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