By Gemma Wilson

RYANAIR has been cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation by aviation authorities into a string of incidents in Spanish airspace. 

The budget airline had been accused of risking the safety of its passengers by flying with the minimum fuel allowance in order to save costs.

But a report by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) confirmed the low-cost carrier had not breached stringent EU safety laws when three flights were forced to make emergency landings in Valencia on July 26.

All three had been diverted from Madrid due to bad weather but requested priority landings after revealing they were running low on fuel.

But the IAA report cleared the Irish airline of any wrongdoing after declaring that all three planes had touched down with more than the required fuel limit.

However, Irish officials have recommended that their Spanish counterparts review the case and consider if airlines should be required to carry extra fuel when using Madrid airport, as is the procedure at Heathrow.

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  1. Flying to Spain? There might be a delay!
    Everyone knows how it works here. why should it be any different for the airport. there should be country specific rules.
    Spain: expect delays of up to 24hours (take enough fuel and water!)
    Germany: expect to loose your place if you’re 30seconds late (prepare alternatives)
    Greece: expect to have the world sold out from under your feet while looking out the window. (prepare for begging).

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