7 Oct, 2012 @ 17:00
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Fighting the fat cats in Spain

Fat cats face health problems

By Trudi Atkinson

PODGY cats may be cuddly, but being overweight can be a real health risk, so it is important not to allow our feline friends to pile on the pounds. 

Make sure you measure  out your cat’s daily food allowance. It is very easy to just tip more food into your cat’s dish whenever it is empty and not know how much you are actually giving him.

You can still include treats as part of their diet, but perhaps break the treats into smaller pieces. Your cat will still enjoy them just as much.

Think about where you feed your cat. Cats naturally eat little and often, so a bowlful of dried food should last hours.

Finally, if your cats feel in competition for food they may eat the whole lot at once and then soon be hungry again.

Therefore it can be better for your pets to be fed away from each other. And remember, cats may also feel that their food might be ‘stolen’ if they are fed near windows (through which other cats can be spotted) or cat flaps or doorways (through which other cats may suddenly appear).

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