CELEBRITIES it may be well used to – but La Sala restaurant in Puerto Banus was blessed with a royal visit at the weekend.

For dining at their tables was none other than Prince Albert of Monaco.

The 54-year-old son of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and Grace Kelly visited the venue with 12 male friends.

Prince Albert, who is one of the world’s wealthiest royals with a fortune of over €0.7 bn, enjoyed an evening of Laurent Perrier Champagne and live music.

The group then continued to party at Aqwa Mist nightclub downstairs.


  1. Mike your comment is unfounded,one of the Guys in the photo with the Prince is Swiss,the other a quite normal man who Happens to be a friend,and lives in Spain, before you judge just take a look at the vast amount that The Prince does for the less fortunate,I am a great believer in the saying, if you havnt got anything worth saying “dont”, oh and as stated it was Laurent Perrier, as friends at the table that night, it was the least we could do, you know, the kind of thing that you might well do from time to time….

  2. Thank you for your kind words robin foster.

    I will say as I see and what I see is definitely worth saying, like Juan Carlos shooting elephants (still does charitable duties), Albert despite his charitable work, supping it up in Banus with a dubious looking Costa character, not the Swiss, does not send the right message out to all those suffering from austerity measures.

    So many dubious characters in that area, are you an estate agent BTW?

    The Cava quip was a joke !!!, of course you’d be drinking LP in Banus.

  3. A lot of people ask that same question Fred ‘where’s his wife’?

    To assuage their conscience/guilt, and big-up their Public image many ageing Lotharios play the charity work card, and many orange stained people in Banus etc like to be seen with such ‘lesser Royals’ or ‘one time Celebs’

  4. Robin, I didn’t say you were lying, BTW if you knew me, you would also know how important I am too. However I expanded the photo and darned if I could spot which one was you, are you the Art World Robin?

    We always ‘chip in’ too as all stout fellas would do!

    Presumably all the wives were left at home in this case? Albert has his own history which is evident to all if they search I’m afraid! I did like his father and mother though especially, old school.

    Fred, La Sala is no favourite of mine, I prefer somewhere a little more genteel.

  5. It is the duty of the rich to spend, and in a time of austerity they must be encouraged to do this even more. If they “tighten their belts’ there is no hope for anyone else. “It is the duty of the wealth man, to give employment to the artisan.” (Belloc)

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