A SPANISH firm offering courses in prostitution – with a guaranteed job after graduation – has won the right to stay open.

The course, which teaches students the history of prostitution, how to use erotic toys and the most popular positions in the Kama Sutra, will not be shut down.

It comes after the school won a legal battle against the Valencia government to remain open.

The authorities had alleged that the school promoted prostitution.

However a judge ruled that the firm did not promote the trade and the course was not aimed at minors.

The company has already had 95 applications for the €100 course with ages ranging from 19 to 45 this year.

The week-long course runs for two hours a day and teaches students both practical and theoretical skills.

The firm claims the course will benefit Spain’s multi-billion euro industry by making the trade safer as well as earning students ‘a lot of money’.

Its boss Brandon, who has run the course for eight years, said: “Prostitution is a career that many people live off from day to day, whether they are single or have a partner.”

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