15 Oct, 2012 @ 16:39
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Diplomatic spat over border delays in Gibraltar

THE British Government has made a formal complaint to Spain in a row over police checks which continue to cause lengthy queues at the border. 

Angry officials claim the ‘disproportionate’ checks breach freedom of movement legislation, with motorists subjected to delays of up to five hours at the frontier.

British and Spanish ministers met on Monday at a scheduled meeting as part of the Foreign Affairs Council, where the latest spat over the Rock is believed to have been raised.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo had urged London to ‘protest at the highest level’, while a Foreign Office spokesman confirmed that the Spanish Government had been contacted about the issue.

“Each day that passes a different excuse is wielded out in a futile attempt to justify such actions that are contrary to EU freedoms,” said Picardo.

Gibraltar Government has confirmed it will also be making a formal complaint to Madrid about an incursion into British waters by a Spanish naval vessel.

James Bryce

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  1. Well it seems the complaint has worked since yesterday there have been NO queues at the Frontier. Goes to show that it is all political. So roll on the tourists coming to Gibraltar to the chagrin of brujino and others like him. It will be a relief to the more than 7000 Spanish workers who come into Gib every day to earn a living they cannot earn in their own country.

  2. I used to go to Gibraltar with my parents to get money (an old Indian called Bullshand would cash an English cheque and deliver the Pesetas in Estepona). This was when Harold Wilson would only allow us to take out of Blighty fifty pounds a year (the bank would write it down in the back of one’s passport). Then Franco shut the frontier between Spain and Gibraltar, so we would have to go around by Tangiers. Then Wilson was ousted and we could cash our cheques here in Spain.
    Wasn’t much point in going to Gibraltar after that.

  3. Fred

    Alredy been on manchester,s centre in 2002 still waiting for the leyend of the tax back but anyway never expected from british hands and i prefer my job on Spain than what i found there in the past.And maybe the fence is open but are you going to get independence like the scotish or they just going to laugh on Picardo,s face hehehehehhehehe.

    And they are not workers they are your puppets hehehehhehe

    Freddy leave the playstation

  4. @brujiño, describing your fellow people as “puppets” sums you up perfectly really. No wonder you are an unemployable moron. Meanwhile, Gibraltar remains British and self determination is the only way ahead. You’d better get used to it.

  5. If i am the moron what you doing on your first coment and you pray than i unemployable heheheheh chack the facts on your head.And i born with a british Gibraltar i am cool with it as long as the hostilities continue because is the normal way to deal with invaders.

    Did Lidington told you about the self determintion or is just one of your drems?

  6. I’m in favour of a positive Anglo-Spanish relationship that most want. British and European people get on well in Spain and the Spanish are a great nation! It’s the world bankers that have screwed it all up at the moment if people want to talk finance/boundaries/unemployment/well being

  7. brujiño, Gibraltar does not want independence, Catalonia does,and then maybe Galicia, and then maybe Andalucia, then Leon etc… and you will end up like a jigsaw puzzle.
    Hostilities against a member of the European Union is not cool, its undemocratic and contrary to the principles of the European Union which Spain signed into, and for which they had to open the frontier with Gibraltar, because if they had not, they would not have been able to form part of the EU.
    Liddington said we have self determination already, we govern ourselves. All that is needed is for the United Nations to drop us from their list of colonies to be delisted which Spain insisted we be in. And then its finito, finished. Grow up democratically, you are still in diapers as far as democracy is concerned, and it looks as if you are going downhill where free speech, right to demonstrate, etc etc etc are concerned.

  8. Gibralter does not belong not to the uk not to the eu
    It belongs to spain
    So english get the messege get the hell off our land
    Evrey day you live here you live by stealing from us spain

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