EXCLUSIVE by Eloise Horsfield

THE mother of a British teenager killed in a hit-and-run crash on the Costa del Sol has slammed Spanish police for not finding the culprit.

Nicola Johnson, from Essex, was knocked down by an Audi TT while crossing the A-7 during a holiday in Marbella in July last year.

The 18-year-old, who had just taken her A-levels and hoped to become a journalist, later died at Malaga’s Carlos Haya Hospital.

Over a year later the vehicle has still not been traced and nobody has been arrested, despite the police having the car’s front grille in its possession.

“It’s hopeless, absolutely hopeless,” said Nicola’s mother Sue Johnson, 54.

“The person that hit Nicola knows that they hit Nicola and probably killed her.

“Why can’t these police find the car?

“I feel they should have done more,” added the deputy head teacher.

“They only checked one area to see whether a car had been taken for repair.”

She continued: “With technology and Interpol, why can’t these police forces trace a car?”

Johnson also said she would like to see more speed cameras and stricter limits along the A-7 along with stronger police enforcement.

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  1. All in probability a car involved in a hit and run accident was stored in a lock-up garage because the penalties for getting caught outweigh the cost of losing the use of the car.

    The mother of the unfortunate girl then asks “Why can’t these police find the car?” I wonder what the police are supposed to do if the car hasn´t been taken for repair. Raid every lock-up garage along the Costa del Sol?

  2. Thats right Tony, why bother even looking. you really are a local now arent you.
    Its ‘probably’ locked up somewhere. So lets have another caña and relax…
    Oh and if the mother makes a fuss we’ll ask paco round the corner if he’s seen a car, when he comes for lunch of course.

  3. It’s very dangerous to understimate the power of the community in this kind of subjects, but it’d be very important to know, at least, the colour or some numbers/letters in the reg. plate of the car. That’d be a great help.
    But many people’d have a peek on that car, I’m sure of that.

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