PHOTOGRAPHING or filming police carrying out their duties could soon be illegal.

In a move criticised by civil liberty groups, the government is to pass a law which would ban recording police if doing so endangers them or their work.

The ban would also prevent material being reproduced, for example on the internet.

It comes following widespread distribution of images showing ‘police brutality’ during anti-austerity marches over the last few months.

Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said a balance needed to be struck between citizens’ rights to protest and the need to uphold the integrity of the law.

But Angel Casana from Spanish daily El Mundo said: “If this proposal goes ahead, it is going to be impossible to know about events as they occur on the streets.”

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  1. I always wanted to a coffee table book of photos of the police in their day to day life. Just this morning I have seen a Police car parked in a bus lane while a policeman uses a cash point and 4 police drinking coffee in a petrol station, give me a week and I fill the book of photos

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