THE weird and wonderful Jurassic-age caves dug into the limestone make Rincon de la Victoria well worth the trip.

Once under the ocean, these caves – one of just three like them in the world – once formed underwater galleries complete with gorges and columns.

No need to worry though, to visit the Cueva del Tresoro (Treasure Cave) nowadays you don’t have to put on your scuba diving equipment, for it has since emerged above the sea.

The only one of its kind in Europe, this incredible site sits between the towns of La Cala del Moral and Rincon de la Victoria high above the shore overlooking the Med.

It has 500m of tunnels complete with remains of cave paintings, ceramics and items from the Neolithic stone industry as well as human and animal remains.

There are stories of buried treasure, gold and precious stones, as well as tales of gnomes, fairies, mermaids, goblins and elves.

This may well sound inviting, but beware the ogres, giants, dragons and cyclops who are also rumoured to roam the caves searching for the fabulous hidden treasure, along with spirits who roam the labyrinthine rock corridor.

Back down to the coast there is a seven mile stretch of promenade and beaches with many beach bars, restaurants and of course beautiful sunsets.

Don’t miss out on the church in the high street, and if you are a golf fan, Anoreta Golf.

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