CHIEF Minister Fabian Picardo has slammed Spain for a ‘scandalous act of aggression’ after a Spanish naval ship entered Gibraltar waters.

He urged the British Government to respond to the incident in the same way it would if the incursion had happened off the UK coastline.

“Activity of the type seen by the Spanish Navy is a scandalous act of aggression which is illegal, imprudent, unprofessional and irresponsible on the part of whoever authorised it,” said Picardo.

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  1. Mr. Fabian Picardo, nobody is going to invade your stupid Rock of Gibraltar. If you were a good British, you wouldn’t compromise the friendliness of your own citizens each time you make a new absurd accusation devoid of all logic and rationale. You are guilty and responsible for seeking unnecessary problems raised in your own paranoia.

  2. What a shame that the Basque Region has murdered so many for over 30 years now for independence from Spain, and Spain thinks that they should be given Gibraltar despite the overwhelming democratic vote by its British citizens to stay British. Nothing nasty to write, just be democratic, Spain and obey the democratic decisions made by Gib. citizens. But life is a bitch, isn’t it?

  3. Great to see some readers of this paper seeing sense. Fabian Picardo is a big part of the problem in Gibratar, as far as I can see he is continually making a big deal out of small incidents, Maybe he just loves to see his name in the Papers. The reality is that Gibraltar borders Spain and the security forces of both sides are going to have to work close together in the common interests of Spanish and Gibraltar citizens. He needs to realise that Gibraltar needs Spain more than Spain needs Gibraltar, least we go back to the days of closed borders and tough economic times

  4. The War of the Spanish Succession; Which means obtaining without legal merit and by use of force in domestic or foreign countries. The signature of the 1713 treaty of utrecht is “invalid” since their was no Spanish King to execute and/or recognize such a treaty. England has violated Spain’s sovereign claim over Gibraltar.

  5. It would be an interesting read to see an unbiased, historical record of the circumstances leading to the signing of the treaty. Anyone know any links, please? But the fact is that Gibraltar is not a colony and the citizens overwhelmingly want to be British. It is called democracy and is in line with the United Nations’ principles. Without Gibraltar the unemployment rate for the La Linea people would sky-rocket.

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