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Gay MP marries in Spain

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A GAY marriage that made history has taken place in Spain.

South Australian social inclusion minister, Ian Hunter, tied the knot to long-term partner, Leith Semmers, at a ceremony in  the town of Jun, in Granada.

He is the first gay Australian MP to marry while in office.

The pair had planned to marry in the US last year but issues over paperwork forced the change.

The ceremony took place on December 20.

Mr Hunter said he was disappointed his marriage would not be recognised in Australia but comforted by the fact more than 60 per cent of Australians support marriage equality.

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  1. Gays CAN marry – but only to the opposite sex!! That is the meaning of the word, it cannot be changed, it is part of the human experience.
    True marriage is beyond the concept of short-term politicians, it is over 3 thousand years old and will continue into eternity!!!
    Gay ‘marriage ‘ is indeed a Harry Potter fiction my friend Ben. It is no more than an arrangement politically intended to be on a par with the civil ceremony of ‘marriage’ between man and woman. It is designed to catch that increasingly prevalent area of voters. Unfortunately for mankind.
    How non-homosexual couples will view that civil ceremony, now that it means no more that two gays wanting some legitimacy, remains to be seen.
    I suspect there will be a surge of applications to be ‘properly’ married in a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, etc.

  2. How on earth does allowing gay people to marry adversely affect anyone else? Why not let them do it – no-one will suffer because of it. It’s just those control freak religionists trying to impose their weird beliefs onto everyone else.

  3. So what if “marriage” is three thousand years old? Homosexuality is even older and will continue as long as “straight” relationships will. It’s nothing to do with vote-catching, it’s about equality in society. If people feel the need for a ceremony to go along with a legal recognition of their partnership, then so be it. As Jimenato says, what the hell has it to do with anyone else? Methinks some people doth protest too much….

  4. Stefano… Marrage was from the begining of Man creation, The first marrage was in the garden of Eden by God himself, God married Man and Woman called Adam and Eve,and not two men called Adam and Steev

  5. Interesting denial of the facts, Jimenato – well over half of the world’s population belong to major recognised religions and probably a majority of the remainder to lesser religious groupings, tribal beliefs, etc., all with the core belief in a being greater we are, i.e. God.
    I confess to being one of those ‘strange people’ you so hate and feel happy to share the big wide world with such as Malala Yousafzai, rather than your odd little egotistical world of self.

  6. Bit of overkill there, Antonio2. You surely don’t believe in that Garden of Eden stuff? Adam and Eve? Because that’s what Benson offers. How about Noahs Ark? Moses and the Burning Bush? Cling to a belief in a Supreme Being by all means, just don’t expect rational people to believe silly fairy tales in order to prop up irrational prejudices.

  7. It’s all true guys! believe what the 2000 year old book says & follow it word for word

    …apparently an angel of Yahweh is described as appearing in the bush, and God is subsequently described as calling out from it to Moses, who had been grazing Jethro’s flocks there.

    As a youth I’ve been to loads of music festivals and taken all kinds of substances but not have been that good!


  8. It is a piece of paper, what is the problem. All that religious stuff is what causes problems in the first place. Maybe they will help reduce the population a bit. I think the marriage bit is just to help with taxes upon death.

  9. The ‘Burning bush’ question is, friends, if marriage is just a piece of paper, why are gays making such a huge ‘fairy tale’ over it? Involving Parliament, already beleaguered with problems, and upsetting millions of people across the country?
    But so long as there is absolutely zero impact on anyone else, which means the vast majority of the population, then give them their bits of paper. But if the State attempts to thrust ideological garbage down everyone’s throats with oppressive dictats, with thousands going to prison over their beliefs, a very dangerous situation will exist for the country.
    Ps. Dodgy quoting Bible text out of context, especially when primary school education begins to fade. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and reveals an ignorance of the most important historical and archaeological document in the world. States, cities, towns, villages, kings, rulers, events, etc., are recorded there and nowhere else. Study of the Bible is an essential requirement for Middle Eastern research. For sure, dates, events, names etc., can be misrecorded, mistranscribed or mistranslated from one generation to another. Remember some tribal memories are recorded possibly 5000 or more years ago, such as the flood (which is slowly being revealed as fact). This was well before writing was invented and your favourite ‘burning bush’ (mistranslation) is an example but I’ll leave its analysis as an excercise in extending said primary school education. Joke of course, prejudice dies hard.

  10. Antonio2 – you just don’t get it do you? The state isn’t attempting to ‘thrust ideological garbage down everyone’s throats with oppressive dictats’ – quite the opposite – it is the religionists who are trying to do that.

    You religionists should get on with your lives and let the rest of us get on with ours without you trying to put restrictions on the rest of us by disallowing things which do not affect you anyway.

    And do you really believe that God married Adam and eve in the garden of Eden? If you do you will have to understand that not many people are going to take much notice of your views.

  11. Apologies, Editor, for long-winded reply!!!

    But YOU still don’t get it, do you Jimenato? WE, that is the vast majority of people, are doing nothing at all to anyone, just want to live our lives. As a Christian it is my duty to treat everyone equally, but I really don’t want to know what they do in their bedrooms. Anyone, that is – Ugh!!
    It is the new legislation which IS affecting many hundreds of thousands of people and will continue to be very restrictive and unpleasant to US, normal people living normal lives. If I can just give two examples:-

    Some adopting charities, having found homes for hundreds, if not thousands of abandoned children for many, many years, and in harmony with their beliefs, have always refused to place children with homosexual couples. They act with the very BEST interest of the children at heart(not the couple) and in the absolutely correct belief that a child needs a loving Mother and Father. Having two daddies or two mummies just ain’t the same and, quite apart from being a probable recruit to homosexuality, the child WILL suffer ridicule throughout childhood. Believe me they would, any child slightly different gets the same treatment, cruel but true. My kids used to come home upset, because we couldn’t afford the latest shoes, which “everyone else has”!
    What happened to these charities? the law came down on these charities like a ton of bricks, because they stuck to their beliefs – Dictat one – YOU WILL close up because of your beliefs or suffer heavy fines if you don’t; or go to prison if you don’t pay the fines. The charities are now closed. Well done homosexuals, and you expect our blessing?

    Second example, a small homely bed and breakfast establishment, (it happened near to where I used to live) – did not want to book two homosexuals into their small house. It’s their choice, their home. Because they refused, these homosexuals, instead of understanding the right of home-owners to choose WHO they have in their home, took them to court under this homosexual legislation, the old couple had to pay a heavy fine and of course prison if they didn’t pay. That’s Dictat two, how many to come or we don’t know about?
    Remember homosexuality is a minority activity but they are thrusting their sexual proclivity down our throats. It will get worse as slowly new laws come in, to force Churches or other organisations to offer such ‘marriages’ against the will of the majority and their beliefs.
    You see Jimenato and others, it’s not just a piece of paper, IT RUINS OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.
    As for the Bible, we are all free to believe what we will, worship as we want, the sun, moon, telly, mobile, car, dog, cat etc., and uphold the right to do so – at least we were until this homosexual legislation came in.
    Ps. Adam and Eve, the research has been in the public domain for a long time – front page on some newspapers – DNA research has proved that they DID exist as the founders of the human race, just two people – but of course their true names did not survive over 100,000 years! And the Garden of Eden was in Africa! But you must know all that, of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to poke fun. Just think, the human race wouldn’t be here if it was Alan and Steve!

  12. The latest vote in favour of gay marriage in the U.K. parliament has left a whole raft of right-wing God-botherers gasping into their gin and tonics. Wonder how many lives that will “ruin” ? Answer : None. By the way, “Eve” was a black lady, how did so many people turn out pink? We’re entitled to poke fun at nonsense.

  13. All very interesting antonio2. How does allowing same-sex couples to get married affect any of the things you mention?

    And how does ‘this homosexual legislation’ prevent anybody from worshipping how they want?

  14. It’s been slightly interesting to extract views from a small number of people, too few to call it ‘debate’ but in any case time to call ‘time’. Cheers folk.

  15. I don’t pay any attention to religion and I think I am far more caring and less of a gossip than most the religious people I have met. I would never leave my kids with any chuch officials, even before the story of all the Paedophile clergy. I think that some of the clergy are only there as they cannot do many other useful things, the church for many, not all is the only place that would have them. I have found some of them very strange and quite bitter. Give me a child until he is 9 and he will always be mine, brainwashed.

  16. Reap – You’d be ill advised to leave your child with anyone. Where do you think Church clergy come from? They come from the good old general public, you and me and all those you see around you. Abusers target absolutely any organisation which involves children; sailing clubs, army cadets, scouts, cubs, horse riding stables, orphanages, the list is endless. Inevitably, some of these people manage to pass the very strict vetting common throughout mainstream Churches.
    If you then understand the facts from recent reports – that the abuser to non-abuser ratio within Churches is about the same as the general public (agreed they should not exist) you then come to the startling conclusion that we are surrounded by literally hundreds of thousands of child-abusers. They are everywhere; few organisations are entirely free of them, not to mention home-centred abuse.
    Some abuse is absolutely horrendous – example two groups of Asians in separate cities in the UK, the latest a group of nine paedophiles, targeting poor kids from underprivileged backgrounds, feeding them hard drugs to make them dependent, etc., perhaps the tip of the iceberg? Maybe every city has them? Don’t allow your religious prejudice to affect your judgement

  17. The fact that ANYONE within the church abuse people totally destroys it all in my eyes… just one person! More power to the person in this article! What’s really important in life eh?

  18. Antonio, agreed but they are supposed to be whiter than white and they are the ones who are meant to set the example. They go out of their way to cover things so their clergy can carry on abusing so even if they get the same results they are worse in my eyes. When people turn up on a Sunday it is all sales talk. Some of these other organisations in London have their followers donate a certain percentage of their wages. They are taking 10’s of thousand every week in donations, I know this for a fact. It is all about power and money.

  19. I quit. I’ve been misrepresented by you mortals too many times. I just wanted friends to party with but no, that’s not possible thanks to your man made rules and regulations. I wish you’d all relax. Sick of it.

  20. I’m surprised that Jon Clarke did’nt ban the person for impersonating God (see the rules).

    I think we all know who this feeble impersonator is and what a total hypocrite to boot.

    The religious freaks (all of them) say that their God is all powerful so:

    1. Gods don’t have mere mortals as friends or you would have to prove that statement – has anyone ever met anyone who has met God? – thought not.
    2. The religious freaks say that God is all powerful then man made rules would be irrelevant and no hindrance to a ‘real’ God.

    The arrogance of these Catholic fools is breathtaking – only the misogynistic Abramahic religions preach that there is only one male God.Buddists/Taoists don’t have Gods and number far more than all the weird Christian sects put together. Hindus have hundreds of dieties as do those Celts who hav’nt betrayed their ancestors.

    The interesting fact is that originally all human societies were matriarchal. The way that all Abramahic religions treat women is despicable – the Cathars were virtually exterminated because they dared to practice something close to what is stated in the New Testament and women were treated as equals and indeed preached in the Cathar churches.

    Ask any Catholic why they accept what the nasty little Roman, Constantine did when he ‘took control’ of the Christian faith – created the title of ‘papa’ for himself: created out of the blue – posts such as bishops/archbishops and used the churches coffers as his own to try to shore up the crumbling Roman empire – watch their reaction and be careful because a lot of them can turn very nasty when confronted with the ‘reality’ of their belief system – they have a long history of mass murder.

    There is absolutely nothing in Roman Catholicism that has anything to do with Christianity.

    Why is a Hebrew man (if he actually existed and that’s a very big IF) called by a Greek name – Jesus – because it was a bunch of Greeks who created the nasty fairy story.

    If this Josiah (let’s at least give this character a Hebrew name) was a Hebrew why did the Catholic church only preach in Latin (to people who understood zero in Latin) and ‘translate’ Greek and Hebrew texts into Latin – because they the Romans had hijacked Christianity.

    How can anyone with any morality treat the nasty little Nazi who spent decades as head of the Inquistion (now re-named the Office of Reconstruction) supressing anything to do with paedaphile priests – he started this repressive work when he was still living in Swabia, with anything other than complete contempt.

    The truth is that religious and political freaks will always brainwash their children into accepting ‘their’ belief system and if they have to beat it into them then so be it.

    The simple truth is that Christianity is by far the worst of the Abrhamaic belief systems – in the name of Christianity they have mass murdered their way through North/Central and South America/ New Zealand and Australia – not fogetting that the devout Dutch Reform settlers in South Africa did their very best to exterminate the First Born – the Bushman and they took particular delight in destroying the wonderful rock paintings by these incredible people.

    Just listen to these self same Christians ranting at the destruction of Buddhist sculptures in Afghanistan by the Taliban – hypocrites and cowards who refuse to accept total responsibility for their own words and actions.

    We lived on the South Coast in Europe’s Gay capital – B&H and the last few years lots of gay men moved in around us – the best neighbours we ever had – Antonio2 – most homephobes are actually repressed homosexuals.

  21. Quite interesting your extensive knowledge of religion, Stuart, I won’t comment except to say that Godless, ritualistic paganism slaughtered such a vast number of people IN THIS CENTURY that they cannot be counted and probably outnumber the entire world’s population of 500 or 1000 years back.
    As for homophobes v. homosexuals, the argument has been twisted – homosexuals are repressed homophobes, unless deviant genes are at play, otherwise evolution would have exterminated the human race! If it had ever got started.
    Pleased also you are experiencing such a wonderful life, few of those awful ‘normals’ and their nasty noisy children around!!
    Reap,I totally agree with you, priests etc., should be ‘spotless’, without normal (or abnormal) human failings, but do such people exist? Does humanity contain perfection? How would you even begin to judge those perfect for their calling (politics, religion. police, nurses, doctors, scientists, surgeons, etc., etc? Every profession or occupation has people who have failed miserably at times, the most extreme examples ending in death.
    There seems to me no answer to this, every person is subject to temptations which can undermine their relationships, or their position in society. But we’re straying into theology and I am not qualified in any way to comment. Suffice to say that perhaps the imperfections which are present in all of us may have been the impetus for religious beliefs? The search for universal perfection, in someone, somewhere, way above our human lot?

  22. Having re-read my comments on this article, I am struck by the fact that I have been systematically attacked by Stuart, Jumenato, Reap, Roger, Stefanjo, etc., whereas I have deliberately tried to keep some equilibrium by not condemning or attacking anyone else. I have but tried to support my point of view with, hopefully, reasoned arguments. Which have been systematically ignored.
    But carry on boys, sow your seeds of hate and vilification, I’m sure you’ll convert many.

  23. Antonio2 – just saying that your views don’t seem very forgiving (as in religious)… especially saying things now like ‘sow your seeds of hate and vilification, I’m sure you’ll convert many’ – I couldn’t imagine a vicar saying that in his sermon haha. & again you’re ‘trying’ to turn this around to it not being YOU who sows his ‘seeds of hate’ as you say. You should be a politician!

  24. No Antonio, I have not made any bad comments about you, religion yes, but not about you. I have not taken too much notice of the names, just the subject in general. As they say, maybe I should not talk about relgion or politics as it all heads down hill normally. Tricky things to talk about. I actually agree with agree with many of the things you state, try and keep it a bit shorter though, I thought I went on a bit! The reality is many crimes / wars etc take place in the name of religion.

  25. Just exactly who do you think we ‘hate’? It is you who appears to ‘hate’ gays – I hate no-one I’m just not bothered by things that don’t affect me nor anyone else adversely.

    You have obfuscated all through this thread. It is about gay people being allowed to marry but you brought in two arguments – the bed and breakfast case and same-sex couple adoption – that have nothing to do with gay marriage, those things happen already.

    And sarcastically suggesting that Roger doesn’t have a brain seems very much like attacking him to me.

    And again I ask – how does ‘this homosexual legislation’ prevent anybody from worshipping how they want? (which is what you said).

    And no homosexual has ever, ‘thrust their sexual proclivity down my throat’. Are you sure that’s happened to you?

  26. Humble pie is my lot for today, also to confess to one or two mistakes in my comments. Apologies to all those I have offended.
    The type of love we have for each other is irrelevant so long it is genuine, lasts, has no adverse effect on others and based on respect for humanity as a whole.

  27. I am so sad to read some of these comments. This is such a battle right now in the United States, and since most Americans view Europeans as much more accepting and progressive, this is kind of disheartening. Why can’t people just let people be themselves, and accept the differences we all have.

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