By Frances Leate

A CRUEL attack on a pet dog, witnessed by scores of people, has been condemned by animal rights campaigners.

People watched in horror as a 30-year-old man repeatedly beat his beagle and then ran it over several times in broad daylight.

The horrific incident, which took place in the Parque Antena urbanisation, in Estepona, was witnessed by residents who alerted police.

The dog, which miraculously survived the ordeal, is now being cared for by local residents.

Its owner was later arrested and found to be twice over the drink drive limit.

Mary Page, vice-chairman of animal rescue charity, Adana, said the police need to come down hard on people who needlessly hurt animals.

“This is a horrible example of how animals are being hurt needlessly and cruelly and I can only assume this man had a momentary loss of his senses,” she said.

“In this case the police had no alternative but to take action because it was witnessed by people but so many cases of animal cruelty are completely ignored.

“It is not a problem that is unique to Spain but there is a need for education when it comes to looking after pets properly.

“The government needs to ensure the harshest punishments are given to people who hurt animals.”

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  1. This sounds like a one off disgusting act of cruelty. I’m sure it’s not common in Spain to beat, then run over your animal ‘several times’ …eh? …with people watching? This article sounds implausable surely

  2. Roger: It does sound implausible. Even more implausible are stories of bulls being pierced with darts, harried to exhaustion, until finally being stabbed to death by a clown in a fancy suit. All in front of watching thousands. Surely just a rumour?

  3. Let’s not forget about the Spanish hunters that hang their non performing old and sick galgos (hunting dogs) from trees in the country side every year at the end of hunting season,or the dogs who’s legs are broken and then dumped or thrown into wells to starve, somehow I don’t think this is an isolated incident…..the laws need to be revised and punishments made harsher.

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