THE opening weeks of 2013 may have been dominated by yet more economic gloom, not to mention gloomier weather – but at least Spain’s cultural heritage has reason to be cheerful.

The news that Cortijo del Fraile – the iconic building which inspired Lorca’s Blood Wedding – is finally to be restored is heartwarming.

The 18th century farmhouse is in desperate need of repairs, but given Spain’s economic plight, the idea of letting it fall into further disrepair is beyond comprehension when considering the potential tourism revenue it could generate.

Meanwhile, the decision to honour former Clash singer Joe Strummer by naming a plaza in Granada after him looks like another good decision from a tourism point of view.

The city already has a reputation for its Bohemian lifestyle thanks to a large student population.

And associating itself with a British music icon who adopted the city as his second home will do no harm in attracting the sort of crowd looking for an addition to the Alhambra.

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